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    Once they had got back to the ward Emma was asleep with Ella and Patrick in her arms and Aston took a picture and sent it too everyone with the following text Ella-Louise Merrygold 6lb 4oz born at 2.56am and Patrick Merrygold 6lb 8oz born 3.08am Mum and babies are doing well so happy right now :D Aston, Emma, Ella and Patrick xxxx He then saved it as his background on his phone before sitting down on the side of the bed as Emma began to wake up. ‘Morning Mummy’ Aston said sweetly as he gently kissed her lips which caused Emma to giggle slightly then handed Ella to him so that she could feed Patrick. Aston smiled sweetly down to Ella and whispered, ‘no matter what your Mummy tells you I am going to spoil you rotten and no one is ever going to hurt you because your Mummy and Daddy love you lots and lots even though you are a couple of hours old’ he then swapped so that Emma could feed her then said to Patrick, ‘the same for you but I will teach you everything your old man knows about getting the ladies so that you can get someone that means as much to me and is as beautiful as your Mummy.’ As he put Ella and Patrick in their cribs and got and snuggles up to Emma and they both fell asleep.

    Emma POV

    I can’t believe how prefect they both are they look like carbon copies of Aston it’s unreal they have the same nose, smile, lips and the same deep hazel eyes like Aston’s that I could get lost in for infinity. The rest of the day the rest of the JLS lads came buy and got them the cutest little JLS babygrows that they can wear tomorrow and got me and Ast some very expensive champagne. Our Parents are going to come on the weekend as they said they will leave us to settle them at home before they come and see them but we promised to keep sending lots of pictures to them.

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