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    ‘And that is everything ready’ Aston said as Emma came in with his cuppa. ‘Aww baby it looks so good. We just need you two to come out now’ Emma replied stroking her bump. Aston sat down on the rocking chair and pulled Emma on to his lap, ‘So now we have everything ready for our babies how about starting planning our wedding?’ ‘Well that sounds a good idea but maybe in the morning….. I thought that I would give you a reward for all the hard work you have put into the nurseries today’ Well after round three they decided to call it a night and get some sleep, ‘Good night baby girl’ Aston said kissing Emma on her forehead before kissing her bump and saying, ‘Good night you two too’ ‘Good night Ast.’

    Emma POV

    Man the boy has so much energy although the sex has been AMAZING since I’ve been pregnant especially towards the end as we have had to find ways around my bump. I was so tired but I couldn’t sleep I was getting seriously uncomfortable but I still have another month to go grr. I just lie there watching Aston sleep as he went straight away after about half an hour I was getting some twinges in my stomach but I tried to ignore them and get to sleep so I snuggles into Aston some more and managed to get some sleep.

    Emma had been as sleep for no more than 45 minutes when she woke up suddenly and realised the bed was wet. Realising this she began to panic shaking Aston trying to wake him up but he just moaned and turned over. ‘Aston…. Aston…. Aaaahhhhhh Aston get up’ ‘Babe I’m up whats wrong?’ ‘Either I have wet myself or my waters has just broke’ That’s when the contractions started she grabbed Aston’s hand and breathing deeply. Once the contraction had finished Aston got up and said trying to hide the panic in his voice, ‘Okay babe get dressed just breathe deeply like we practiced I will grab the bag and get the car  ready then come back and get you’ Emma quickly got dressed and got some new underwear taking a deep breathe in and exhaling slowly she waddled down to the car. Aston locked up and got in the car holding Emma’s hand, ‘Aston I can’t do this’ Emma said with a strong sound of panic in her voice looking at Aston as she squeezed his hand on the account of having another contraction. ‘Yes you can babe, we have everything ready we have the birthing plan. Everything will be okay and I will be there every second I won’t leave your side at any point I will be there every step of the way’ ‘Promise?’ ‘Of course baby girl I’ve been there every step of the way so far not missing the biggest part we finally get to meet our babies.’

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