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    Part 58

    ‘Babe I’m gonna tweet a picture of all of us then tell the fans if that’s okay? Before that the media get the first picture’ ‘Yeah sure’ They took a picture of them then Aston tweeted  * Perfect family <3 Ella and Patrick Merrygold welcome to the world Please respect our privacy at this wonderful time A xxx*

    Aston POV

    Those two babies are the most perfect little humans on this planet right about now they even look just like me. I’m so proud of Emma for doing this now I know how perfect she is and now the babies are here we can start planning our wedding and she can finally we my wife.

    After a couple of checks of the babies and Emma they were allowed to get home they knew it was going to be crazy with all the media attention there has been around their relationship from the start. They had arranged for a car to be there as well as many bodyguards. They took one baby each and put a blanket over the carriers so that no one could get a picture of them. They managed to run straight into the car and get them strapped into the car before going straight home. There was paps waiting at the gates to their community but they weren’t allowed in so they got them in the house without any hassle.

    Later that evening they had put Ella and Patrick in their Moses baskets and lying in bed cuddling carefully as Emma was still a bit sore from labour. ‘So now we have had our two gorgeous children what are we going to do now?’ Emma asked smiling up as Aston kissed her forehead, ‘Well before we do anything we have to make you Mrs Merrygold then we have everything parenthood throws at us but whatever happens this – Me, You, Ella and Patrick is perfect just our little family.’


    The summer after Ella and Patrick were born Aston and Emma finally tied the knot. It was a nice small wedding with their close family and friends (not writing much detail gonna write another fanfic about it :) later on ) Emma and Aston have grown even stronger over this time through raising their babies and very soon with any luck they will have another brother/sister as they have decided to try for another baby. As for the band they are still a huge boyband in the UK and are beginning to break the US but as they have said all along they will stay in the UK to make sure that their UK fans are happy.

    Well that’s it I hope you have enjoyed my first fanfic please let me know any more comments or anything just tweet me 1993jlsfan or piecesofJLS. I will be starting the next fanfic very soon:D xxx

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