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    The beat of your heart will ignite

    Part 68

    We got bk home and aylar said are we going to see tom again i replied i don’t know yet we will have to wait and see then we went into the living room and she went and sat down at her little table and started to draw so i just sat down on the sofa and put the tv on and started to watch it i couldn’t believe wot he had done after all we have been through and then he goes and sleep with her of all people it was her.

    After awhile nath had come round and was looking at wot aylar had drawn and she was telling him wot was in the picture then he asked her to draw a pic for him and then come down and sat down next to me and said i’ve been thinking and after gemma losing the baby i already have aylar so maybe we should be a family me , u and aylar so she has her mummy and daddy together instead of wot we are doing now i replied aylar fine at how things are now and ur with my sister because u love her and wot happened with us when we met and them feelings are long gone i’m with tom now even tho he has done something stupid i need to sort my head out with wots gonna happen with me and tom and wot he did he replied i thought u wanted us to be a family with the days out we have as a family i replied their for aylar when we are not busy but theirs nothing between us and they will never be he replied oh right i’m sorry i got it wrong and can i have aylar for the night i want to spend time with my daughter i replied yer if she wants to i don’t mind he asked her and she said yes she went with nath because she had stuff at his because him and gemma spoil her.

    Then gemma come round and asked where aylar was so i told her that she was at naths and then wot happened when i was at tom’s and she was shocked but then said but she has always wanted him so wot if she set him up to look like that and i know tom he wouldn’t of save u from scott and our syko dad just to lose u from a stupid mistake he learn that the hard way years i replied i guess ur right but i need to sort it out in my head and i’ve got something to tell u but i don’t know if i should or not she replied just tell me i wanna know so i replied and told her she replied i knew it , it always comes down to u he always does it aylars his first born plus ur her mum i replied i said no and told him how stupid it was because he loves u and u were gonna start ur own family till u lost the baby she replied i’m gonna get him bk for this and do u wanna go out tonight because u don’t have aylar i replied yer sure i will go home and get ready then come bk round i replied ok see u in abit then. I could tell she was thinking of a plan to get him bk and i will help her with it.

    After awhile i had got ready and was wearing then i had done my hair and make up and got my bag and headed downstairs as soon as i got to the bottom the front door went so i opened it and it was gemma she was wearing

    then i shut the door behind me and then we both got into the taxi and headed out.

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