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“And what does my beautiful wife wanna do today then!” Nath smiled as we walked back from having a really nice breakfast.

“Well since we tried out the pool last night!, lets see the beach today!” i laughed

“The pool is nice though!” Nath smiled, “Even better when we had it to ourselves!”

“Yeah maybe becuase it was closed!” i replied walking back into are hotel room. I grabbed a bag, put my bikini on then put some shorts on over the top and well i was ready, Nathan however wasn’t.

“Oh we’re going to the beach now?” he asked led on the bed watching telly whihc he couldn’t understand anyway!

“No, i’m just wearing my bikini for nothing and i’m carrying a beach bag because i feel like it!” i said sarcastically

“I think you look great!” he winked “Sorry, only got to change me shorts!” he smiled; i just shook my head at him and laughed. Finally Nathan was ready and we took a short walk to the beach. It was quite quiet for nearly 11am but we found a really nice spot and put down some towels. We led there for a bit, i was working on a tan whereas Nath was playing with my hair and was on his phone!

“Right i’m bored, going in the sea!” Nath said standing up, “Come on!” he said helping me up. We mainly mucked around, we probably looked like a bunch of 5 year olds but who cares?

NATH DON’T LEAVE ME, WAIT!” i called. Nath found the jet skis and ran towards them i caught up.

“Jump on then!” he said

“Haha no, i’m riding my own one thanks!” i smiled getting on one next to Nath, we got told how to use them.

“Race you Sykes!” i said then started it up and shot off.  “BYE LOSER!” I laughed.

WHAT, NO FAIR YOU DIDN’T SAY GO!” he called back chasing me

“GO!” i replied. I was qute far away from him, but he did catch up fairly quickly and rode beside me

“This is amazing!” I said

“I know right, race you to the rocks!” he shouted.

“Don’t crash into them Nath!” I replied



THOMAS THE PICTURES CAME!” i shouted opening the big envelope that they were in.

“COOL!” he shouted as he sat there on his spinney chair on his laptop, probably on twitter.

“You seem really interested!” i replied

“Sorry, replying to fans!” he smiled

“Oh okay then!” i smiled and sat down next to him and looked through them all. There were a few envelopes so I decided it would be nice if we invited everyone over and gave the pictures to them, they had no idea that we ordered them so it would be a nice surprise. Tom rang everyone up. Luckily no one was busy and everyone came straight over!

I opened the door to Jay and Josie and behind was Max and Megan

“Alright guys!” I smiled, they walked in

“No being ruse but why did you invite us all over?” Jay asked

“Haha you’ll see!” I smiled and Siva and Ami then walked through asking the same questions. Everyone sat down, it was about 4pm. We talked for a bit about everything really, we hadn’t really got together since the wedding as the boys had a few days off.

“Back to work in 2 days, without baby Nath!” Max said

“Not much of a bay anymore he’s married!” Siva replied

“He’ll always be baby Nath though!” Tom smiled.

“Anyway what did you two want?” Jay asked

“Oh right, Tom go get them please babe!” I asked him. Tom walked back with three envelopes

“What is in them, what are you doing?” Josie asked

“Haha, you’ll love it!” I replied, they all looked really confused. They all started opening them and realised what it was.

“OH MY GOD!” Megan smiled

“When did you get these?” asked Ami

“We ordered them the other day!” Tom smiled

“Looking hot Josie!” Jay winked



What Tom and Emma did for us was really nice, we had no idea they ordered the pictures form the wedding for us, they were really nice as well and the sun was out that day which made the photo even more perfect and it was just me and Max. From all of a sudden we all smelt food cooking

“What’s cooking Em?” I asked her

“Oh yeah guys, Tom’s cooking us all a roast!” I smiled

“Aww he’s a good boy!” Max replied.

“Where shall we hang the picture when we get home Max?” I asked

“Uh, are bedroom, or downstairs somewhere!” he smiled

“Looking good I that pic Meg!” he smiled

“Well you do look handsome!” I replied.

“Alright TEA UP!” Tom shouted, everyone was starving by the looked of things as everyone rushed to the table.

“Thanks Parker!” Max smiled

“It’s alright peeps!” he replied as we all tucked in, it was really nice.

“Mate cook that again for us one day!” Siva said

“Guess you liked it then Seev?” I asked, he nodded.


To be Continued……………………

Guys only doing two more parts will finish on part 60 xx


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