Samantha Shailer

My names Samantha. I'm 12 years old. I love to sing. The Wanted are 100% my life!! plz sign my twitition

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Me – Nath’s GF (Samz1998)</p> <p>Monica – Tom’s GF and my BFF (MonicaTheWanted)

Nicole – Jay’s GF and my BFF (TWSupportersxXx)</p> <p>Chloe – Max’s GF (ChloeTheWantedd)

Alannah – Siva’s GF and my BFF (I_Love_TW)</p> <p>Josh – Tom’s BFF (TWMaleFans)

Evie – Nath’s BFF (EvieeRussell)</p> <p>Charley – Siva’s BFF (CharleyDaisy_TW)

Alice– Max’s BFF (_alicethewanted)</p> <p>Shannon– Jay’s BFF (TW__Fanmily)


I’ll understand you just give me a chance to love you more than you’ll ever know…


2nd Fanfic


Part 18:


Max’s POV:

Today me and Chloe were heading toManchester. I know how I’m going to ask her but I’m just really nervous. We were just packing the last of the things and then we were putting them in the taxi’s boot. We finally arrived inManchesterjust about half hour away from my house. I looked at Chloe to see her still fast asleep. We finally arrived at my house and my eyes lit up when I saw all my family. I tapped her on the shoulder and kissed her on the cheek. I whispered in her ear ‘were here babe’ she woke up and rubbed her eyes. I paid the taxi man and watched him drive away. Chloe looked a bit uncomfortable with the situation. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist.


Nath’s POV:

Today me and Sam were on our way to Gloster we were both sat in the taxi listening to music on our headphones. I had a really good idea. I tapped Sam on her shoulder and she took of her headphones ‘Sam I was thinking, us boys have a couple of weeks off, should we all go on holiday?’ he face brightened up and she cuddled into me and fell asleep.


Jay’s POV:

So back toNottinghamtoday with Nicole I’m really excited and I can’t wait to see all my family. Nicole’s really excited but she’s not showing her nerves off meeting my crazy family. As I was thinking all of this in my head I felt my phone virabrate. I unlocked my phone to see I got a text from Nath.


From: BabyNath

Heyyy mate as were off4 acouple of weeks wondering should we go on holiday with the girls? Sam loves the idea. I’m thinking Sun, Sea, Sex haha watcha thinking?


To: BabyNath

Yeahh sounds like a good idea but mate I really don’t need to know what your going to be doing with Sam on the holiday _ what do the others think?


From: BabyNath

They love the idea and good old Parker can’t wait to get hammered. Looks like we have to plan were to go. I was thinkingBahamasas Sam’s dad actually owns a beach house there! :D


To: BabyNath

Serious? Rich bitch haha!! Yeahh liking the idea of theBahamas! Can we go Jet Skiing?


From: Baby Nath

Of course Sam’s got a licence to teach us and get the Jet Ski’s for free :D this is going to be a holiday to remember


To: BabyNath

WOW! That’s really cool you in Gloster yet?


From: BabyNath

5 minuets away from the house. Have you even left the house yet?


To: Baby Nath

No! :’( just about to leave now see you next week!! Is that when we going holiday?


From: BabyNath

Yeahh don’t worry about tickets Sam’s dad has a private aeroplane :O


To: BabyNath

Your and actual bullshitter


From: BabyNath

I’m swear on my life I’m not! You better get packing Jaybird I’ve just arrived home so piss off


To: BabyNath

What if I don’t want to piss off??


From: Baby Nath

I’m turning my phone off seeya!


I couldn’t be asked to text back as I knew he wouldn’t reply. I still can’t believe we’ve been living with someone really rich.


End Of Part 18


Sorry it’s getting shit I really cba with this Fanfic anymore _


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