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Dr.Mahesh Purohit

HCHL Healthcare Center is 1st in India which is using SPMF therapy for treatment for Arthritis & Palliative treatment for Cancer.

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Osteoarthritis can be classified as primary or secondary.

Primary osteoarthritis has an unknown cause but is generally associated with ageing. It is sometimes referred to as “wear and tear” arthritis.

Secondary osteoarthritis is the destruction of cartilage from a known cause. Conditions that lead to cartilage loss include injury, obesity, gout, infection, congenital abnormalities (abnormalities present at birth) or joint surgery.

Osteoarthritis can affect young and old alike but more often affects people over the age of 40 – predominantly those that have been active and those that still are. If you suffer from arthritis you will be all too familiar with the range of symptoms that it causes and their effect upon your life. People who have a history of past knee injuries, or have placed a lot of stress on their knees from heavy physical activity or weight are also at increased risk.



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