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    Max’s Girlfriend – Monica
    Tom’s Girlfriend – Lucy
    Jay’s Girlfriend – Stevie
    Siva’s Girlfriend – Sasha
    Nathan’s Girlfriend – Me (Grace)
    Max’s Sister – Amna
    Tom’s Sister – Darina
    Jay’s Sister – Ciara
    Siva’s Sister – Hollie
    Nathan’s Sister – Kira
    Tom’s Best Friend – Elizabeth

    3rd TW Fanfic

    I’ll Be Your Strength

    Part 23

    SASHA’S POV...
    Me, Siva, Jay and Stevie had finally got to the hospital.
    ‘How is she?’ Stevie said walking into the waiting room.
    ‘She’s doing alright.’ Max said taking a deep breathe.
    ‘Nath, you must be shattered mate!’ Siva said sitting down beside Nathan.
    ‘I am, I am. I want to sleep but I can’t go anywhere before I’ve seen Grace!’ Nathan said as a doctor walked into the waiting room.
    ‘Well, it might just been your lucky day son, come with me.’ A doctor said beckoning Nathan over to him.
    Nathan looked back at us, he walked over to the doctor and through the door.

    ‘Is she okay?’ I said with a little high pitched point in my voice, as I tried not to cry again.
    ‘She’s doing just fine, she’s desperate to she you!’ The doctor said smiling at me.
    ‘Nathan!’ Grace said sitting up in the hospital bed as I walked into the room.
    ‘Thank god your okay! Never leave me like that again, you gave me the fright of my life!’ I said kissing Grace on the cheek and giving her the biggest hug I’d ever given anyone.
    ‘You know, I watched you.’ Grace said.
    ‘What? What do you mean?’ I asked Grace.
    ‘I watched you while you were trying to find me.’ Grace said with tears in her eyes.
    ‘What? Are you telling me I worried for hours and hours because you were having a joke? I don’t believe this!’ I said sitting down and putting my head in my hands.
    ‘No! No! It’s not like that!’ Grace said as tears began to roll down her cheeks. ‘Someone kidnapped me, They dragged me to this dark place, I didn’t know where I was! I tried shouting for you but the person that took me had their hand over my mouth so tight I could hardly breathe, my wrists and ankles were tied together, I couldn’t move! Nath, do you honestly think I’d joke about something like this?’ Grace said.
    ‘No, of course not, I’m just tired. I jumped to conclusions, I’m sorry!’ I said sitting on the edge of the hospital bed and putting my arm round Grace.

    We all sat in the waiting room waiting to be told that we could see Grace.
    ‘Come on, I’m not waiting here all day!’ Tom said beginning to fidget.
    ‘Be patient Thomas!’ Max said getting Tom in a loose head lock.
    About 10 minutes later a different doctor to the last one walked in.
    ‘Hi guys, I guess your all here to see Grace?’ The doctor said smiling.
    ‘We are indead, when can we see her?’ Tom asked the doctor.
    ‘You can all come and see her now.’ The doctor smiled.
    ‘Thank god!’ Tom mumbled as Lucy gently hit his arm. ‘Hey! What was that for?’
    ‘Stop being rude!’ Lucy winked at Tom.

    MY POV...
    ‘How’s everyone else?’ I asked Nathan.
    ‘Tired!’ Nathan replied.
    I saw everyone walking down the corridor by the hospital room I was in.
    ‘Oh! Aup!’ I said.
    ‘What?... Oh! Speak of the devils!’ Nathan said winking at me.
    ‘For once, it’s actually really good to see you!’ Jay said walking into the room and winking at me.
    ‘Hello to you to, Bird!’ I said smiling. ‘I’m really glad your all here!’

    End of Part 23

    It’s quite long, I think, It’s to make up for all the night’s I’ve missed or forgot to put some up!
    Hope you all like it:D!
    Thankyouuuu’ for still reading! xoxoxox

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