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    ..I surrender!! That song is stuck in my head! Bonjour mon petit chéri! Good morning and YES Paris! I don’t want to go.. I AM going, in February, eeeeeep! Anyways good morning, I have no idea how long or short this is going to be as I’m watching clips from last nights X Factor right now while getting ready so I AM distracted (and that’s the second time I said AM in caps!) and wtf Amelia!! :( I can’t believe she’s gone. But she’ll have an album out and I’ll be buying it for sure and now I hope Little Mix win! They’ve made girl group history on The X Factor, and omg I loved their performance with Tulisa and double omg I loved Amelia and Kelly! And triple omg will Caroline and Olly just get together already? I love them! :) I don’t think it’s weird you like flat Coke because I LOVE flat 7UP, warm flat 7UP! Like when you get it in the morning and accidentally leave it in the car cooking all day in the heat and it goes hot and flat.. I love that! I’m weird! :P ShanShan is feeling better, much! You remind me of my brother, he’s SO scared of bugs, any bug. He’s terrified of butterflies… BUTTERFLIES! Are you? I love them! It’s funny you said those people should be in prison “RIGHT NOW” because.. they are! Well one of them. As I’m sure you gathered by what I told you things are starting to escalate so the police FINALLY stepped up. On Friday.. or Thursday? I can’t remember but the day you tweeted me, that day. Two of them were in court (the two I guess “leaders” of these gangs who’ve done the most damage) and they were sentenced to 4 months in Dublin prison, whoop! But as they were leaving the docs to be handcuffed one ran away! He legged it out of the building and hasn’t been found since! Wtf. The other was taken away in handcuffs crying for his mother. Like you said their upbringing has a part in it. The guy who they have in prison at the moment (he’s just turned 18) is the son of a mother who has to visit a mental hospital EVERY day without fail. She’s had two kids taken away from her by social services and his father was recently sent to prison for 6 months for alcohol abuse. So he’s from a “broken home” and that’s getting him a lot less of a harsh punishment. I have huge sympathy for children who have parents like that and it’s understandable for those kids to rebel in some way but this is NOT an excuse. And he’s taken it WAY too far. He’s capable of killing, he really does need to be punished and harshly so. But I’m happy he’s locked up! For now anyway. But what’s it gonna be like when he’s back? Is he gonna be a better person? I think not. I think he’s gonna try and get revenge on anyone involved in locking him up. But we’ll see. Yes my friends are all good now! Darren (the 21yr old with cancer) recently got the all clear! :) But he can’t have children now because his treatment left him infertile. But he gave samples before treatment to he can have them he just can’t have them… no what I mean?! ;) Yes you do! Haha! And it was his sister Yvonne who had the brain clot/bleed thing and she’s recovering well. She’s still not left at home with the kids by herself or anything in case something happens but she’s doing well. What’s sad is her kids are pretty young, I think they’re about 4, 6 and 10 or something like that and they’ve all been taught how to dial 999 and what to say in case there’s an emergency or something. That makes me sad, that they have all that on them. I love to shop! I can’t help it.. I think I need shoppers rehab or something. I see something I want and I’m like “I gotta buy it!” and that.. and that.. and two of them… omg. Stop me. I didn’t get anything else for the monster envelope yet.. I’ve been too busy! Which is NOT good. Monday, Monday I’m going on an uber shopping trip and Ima find some stuff for you and I severely don’t care about the guiltex! I think it was funny on the I’m A Celeb thing when Anthony was getting shouted at by his parents for all his swearing on TV! Haha! That’s the first thing my parents would say to me when I got out too, I swear way too much, I can’t help it! Actually I’m not THAT bad.. or maybe I am! :P I’m the same I don’t know like ANY of the celebs that go on. I think each year I know like.. 2? Something like that. But OMG I dream of an actual megastar I’m A Celeb one day and you know what? Jessie and Ian I would not be bothered by in the slightest! Like not in the tiniest bit! I love her enough to let her have him.. but only her! If someone else did, I don’t think I’d be cool with it! He’s such a dope though! It was his birthday on Thursday and he sent us a card! Haha! Like a thank you card, it was so cute and dorky! I love him! And you know what else I love? His girlfriend.. no that came out wrong. I don’t love that he has a girlfriend (his Vampire Diaries co-star) I love that she’s 22, the same as me! So he’s not against dating a girl a whole 10 years younger than him… score!! She can keep him warm at night until I step on the scene! ;) No you haven’t influenced me to stay up late!! I used to be known as “never sleep Shannon”! Before I was a Twitter bug I was a YouTuber and was on there ALL day and ALL night. It was literally crazy. I had thousands of comments and whatever time, day or night, someone commented me I’d answer straight away because I was never off the damn thing. I had burn marks on my legs from sitting down with my laptop on my lap for hours on end. I swear back in those days I got like 2 hours sleep in every 24 hours. It wasn’t good. But I met some pretty amazing people! I’ve since become better at sleeping! And I actually LOVE sleep, so much! But I’ll always be a night owl, I’m also an early bird… Idk, I love being awake but I love sleeping! Okay I just heard what I said and what the beep, I’m not awake.. it’s early..ish! I didn’t sleep that much last night, I got home late and now I gotta go to work, well soon..ish! Grrrr I was just gonna say something and I forgot! Okay I have a random question, are you good at playing cards? Do you play any card games or no? My nails are way too awesome right now I can’t take it! That was off topic.. but they’re pretty darn epic! :P OMG I know what I was gonna say, wait I have to go get the picture, brb! <— This! When I saw you tweet that I laughed SO bad! But then I was nearly in tears! Haha! I’m lame but I thought it was the funniest and the saddest thing ever! I wanted to hug that little stick man so bad! How cute is he?! <3 Okay I gotta go, I’ll talk to you later, or tomorrow.. or later tomorrow… gosh darn it I’m tired! Peace out, I love YOU most, parrot! :)

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