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    My POV.

    No way this was happening, I closed the door again and went to find Anne, I held on to the wall while I walked down the corridor. “Anne?” I whispered. Anne peered round the corner “what’s up? And why are you whispering?” she asked giggling. “first we have to get out of here! Now!” I said while taking her hand and heading out the flat. We finally got outside and the New York heat hit us. “ow, not a good idea to walk fast in this state.” I said holding on to Anne. “that’s why you don’t do it, why did we have to leave in such an exit anyway?” she asked looking confused. “bus?” I asked her. She agreed and headed back to the bus.

    We were on the bus and I sat down as Anne got us two bottles of water out, she came and sat down and gave the water. “thanks” I said smiling. “okay, so what’s going on?” she asked while opening her water. “well in the room that the boys will be shooting in later, I opened it just to take a peek, and..” I said cutting off. “yes?” Anne said and taking another drink. “Sarah was in there with one of the extras.” I said quickly. Anne spat water everywhere. “asked for the news not the weather.” I said laughing. “sorry, but are you being deadly serious?” I asked shocked. I looked down. “yes. And I know I hate her in all but I can’t tell Nathan, I don’t want to see him hurt.” I said then taking a sip of my water. “Briony, you can’t keep this from him, I know it’s hard but if you just let him stay in this relationship were he could get hurt even more.” Anne said proving a very good point. “why do you always have to be right?” I said putting my face in my hands. “it’s going to be okay. Don’t worry.” she said rubbing my back. “yeah but your not the one that has to tell him.” I said looking up at her annoyed. “I know it’s hard, but he has to hear it Briony.” why was she honesty always right? “I know, I know. Just don’t want to see him hurt, I’ve hurt him enough.” i was starting to get really annoyed with myself. “hey. Don’t get worked up about this, and after you tell him you will be there for him and all that stuff you said to him last night won’t matter since he will be breaking up with Sarah.” “you don’t no that, he might give her another chance.” “well he would be really stupid if he did, cheating little rat.” she said seriously. I could help but laugh at her comment about Sarah. “what?” she said also laughing now. “just your face and the way you said that.” I laughed. The smile and laugh wiped away from Anne’s face. “there’s Nathan, nows your time.” I looked out of the bus window to see how happy and excited he looked and how in about five minutes that would be gone. “I can’t do this.” I said looking at Anne. My stomach stared to turn with nerves. “you can do this.” she said hugging me. “thank you!” I said and pulled away and careful walked off the bus up to Nathan, this was it.

    I walked slowly up to Nathan. He looked at me like he’s not seen me in years, he looked so happy which made me want to cry but I didn’t. The way he looked at me with his gorgeous blue eyes killed me every time. “hi” I said sweetly when I reached him. “your talking to me?” he said smiling big. “well yes, cause I need to tell you something and it’s not going to be easy on me.” I said looking down. I felt his hand coming under my chin and he gently lifted my head. “please tell me your not telling me that we can’t see each other at all?” he said looking upset. I hurt me how he could think that, I could never permanently remove him from my life, that would me impossible. “no. Nothing like that, well I don’t think at least.” “okay, so what is it?” he asked. “can we go somewhere maybe a little more private?” “sure.” he said while we both walked over to one of the trailers and went in and sat down.

    I felt sick, I really didn’t know how to say that his girlfriend is cheating on him. “okay, so what’s up?” he asked with his face looking so innocent. “Nathan. Me and Anne were in the flat and I was having a wee noisy in the bedroom that you are shooting in later on and.” I took a deep breath. “I saw Sarah there with one of the extras.” I said quickly, looking down and closing my eyes. There was silents, I opened my eyes and looked up and a pale White and shocked face, with tears peering in his eyes. “Nathan, am so sorry.” I said hugging him. “get off me.” he said pushing away with rage. “Ow! Nathan?” I shouted in pain. “how could you? Eh?” he shouted standing up. I was so confused, I had no idea what was going on, why was he mad at me? “how could I what Nathan? Am not the bad person here!” I shouted while tears peered in my eyes. “I said I would tell Sarah to back off, but no that’s not enough for you is it? So you make up this story to try and break us apart, and worst of it all your trying to hurt me?” he shouted and walked to the wall and punching it hard. “Nathan. That’s the last thing I want to do here. Why would I want to hurt someone that means so much to me? Answer me that?” I said trying to stand up but the stress was to much. “I can’t even look at you.” he said walking out and slamming the door. The tears flowed and I could hardly breath from sobbing. I wasn’t living the dream, my life was going in the opposite direction.

    Part 9 (: it’s shit, I know! Feedback? Much love xo

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