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    Got to be you.

    Whilst the boys were in the kitchen we had a catch up because we hadn’t seen each other for a while. They told me about niall,zayn and liam ect too. They all seemed so happy then there was me. Gabby told them about her and harry getting closer and closer. They all knew about me and it was only the girls and harry that knew about yesterday too.

    When the boys came through robbie sat next to me and everyone else tried to squeeze on the other couch but gabby and harry ended up coming and sitting next to us. We were talking about ordering something to eat and then i suggested that i could make something. Everyone said yeah so i went to the kitchen.

    I started chopping the chicken when robbie came through and asked me if i wanted help. I smiled and said ‘Please’ He had just started helping me when i heard the front door open. I knew who it was straight away. Me and robbie were talking and we were getting to know each other a bit better. He was so nice and kept flirting too.

    We sat down in the kitchen whilst it was cooking. He said ‘So do you cook for everyone all the time because they all wanted you to make something’ I laughed and said ‘everytime they are round i cook for them’ He laughed and said ‘you can cook for me anytime’ I started laughing and he said ‘I meant i cant cook to save myself and when my mum is working i starve or eat junk’ I smiled and said ‘I kind of thought you meant that but i just found it funny’

    I got up to check the food and realised it was ready. I got a spoon for robbie to taste the curry. He tasted it and said ‘its really nice’ I laughed and said ‘does it need anything to make it better?’ He looked confused, i laughed and said i will ask the others. I walked through and said ‘Anyone want to try the curry to see if its ok?’ They all said i will. I laughed and said come on then. They all came through to the kitchen and niall said ‘I will taste it first’ He tasted it and said ‘it tastes fine you can put it on the plates now they dont need to taste it’

    Claire hit his arm and said ‘that was nice of you, i wanted to try it before i ate it’ I laughed and put the rice on the plate then the curry on top. They all took a plate and i said ‘oh by the way louis, this is robbie’ pointing to robbie. Louis said ‘Its nice to meet you’ then walked away through to the living room everyone following him.

    Once everyone was finished, i said ‘Im going to do the dishes’ Louis said ‘I will help you’ I thought great thats all i need, me and him alone in the kitchen. I got all the plates and walked through to the kitchen followed by louis. He said ‘I will wash,you dry’ I said ‘okay’ It was the most awkward situation, i didnt know what to say, normally we would talk about anything but it wasnt the same anymore.

    He finally broke the silence saying ‘So do you like robbie?’ I said ‘Well yeah,we have a lot in common but i dont know if he would be interested.’ He looked in my eyes and said ‘He would be silly not to like you, i mean you are amazing’ I didnt know what to say back so i just looked at the ground. He lifted my chin and said ‘Do you not believe me?’ I shook my head and he said ‘ If i wasnt with nicole i would be interested’

    I looked over at the door and nicole was standing. I said ‘Louis’ He turned around and seen nicole, she shook her head and walked away. He moved away then went after her. I was finally on my own in the kitchen i put my head in my hands. I didnt know what to do. The next thing i heard them arguing.

    I sighed and sat on a chair in the kitchen. I heard nicole shout ‘Whats so special about her?’ Louis shouted ‘I love shelley, i have for months ive tried to get her out my head for the past few weeks when i started seeing you but i cant.’ I stood up and walked into the hall, the others had walked out from the living room and were just as shocked. I looked at louis who was looking at me and i ran upstairs.

    —-End of POV—-

    Mia’s POV

    We were all in the living room when he shouted that. We all ran out into the hall as shelley walked out the kitchen. She looked at louis and then ran upstairs. Nicole was crying and louis went to go after shelley. I said ‘Louis i will go and see if she is ok then you can go if you want’ I ran upstairs and her room door was locked.

    I knocked and shouted ‘Shelley its Mia,let me in please’ She opened the door and i walked in. I shut the door over and she slumped back down against her bed. She looked so upset and confused. I asked her if she was okay but she shook her head. I heard someone come up the stairs but she obviously didnt because she started talking.

    She said ‘I have liked him for months and didnt know if he liked me so i never bothered with it and then the other day the way he acted. He never told us he was seeing anyone and then we went to the cinema and he went over to her and practically ignored me and acted like everything was fine and i love him but i dont know what to do’

    The next thing i knew louis walked in the room. He had been crying too. I cuddled shelley then left the room.

    —-End of POV—-

    Louis’ POV

    When i went upstairs i went to walk in but shelley was talking to mia about liking me for months ect. Once she had finished i had to see her, when i walked in mia gave her a cuddle then left. I didnt know where to start.

     I sat down next to her and said ‘ I had to tell you, i wasnt happy with nicole. I had tried to make it work with her but we hardly spent time together and i spent more time with you and i fell in love with you more and more every day even though i tried to block you out but it doesnt work, i love you so much and would do anything to be with you.’

    She said ‘i love you too, but we should take things slow’ I couldnt believe her reaction i thought she would punch me but she said she loved me back. I leant in and our lips met, i was so glad we finally were together.

    When we had spoken for a while we decided to go downstair. Everyone was sitting talking but when we went back inside everyone stopped talking. We sat down and everyone said ‘are you two ok now?’ I looked at shelley and she said ‘yeah we are fine anyone want a cup of tea or coffee?’

    I smiled and said ‘I will help you’ We walked into the kitchen and shut the door. I put my arms around her waist,pulled her closer and said ‘I do love you shelley’ She put her head on my chest and said ‘I love you too but we should keep it quiet just now because of everything thats happened tonight.’

    I kissed her head and said ‘yeah i agree with you plus it will be more exciting creeping around everyone’ She laughed and said ‘thats why i love you’ We were just about to kiss when claire walked in. We moved apart and she said ‘dont worry i wont tell anyone if you want to keep it quiet but everyones leaving now if you want to come say bye’

    We walked out and said bye and niall said ‘Louis you not coming?’ I said ‘No im going to stay home and get a lift from my mum when she drops anne off.’ Robbie said bye to us then cuddled shelley and said i will see you later and left.

    —-End of POV—-

    Shelley’s POV

    Everyone had just left, gabby was staying and i was hoping louis was going to stay too. We went back into the living room. I said ‘Im glad its summer’ Gabby and harry cuddled on one couch and we sat on the other one. I wanted to cuddle into louis but we hadnt spoken to harry so we sat close but we couldnt cuddle.

    Harry said ‘So louis announced infront of everyone he loves you and everyone knows you love him and we all know you are together the minute you came downstairs so you may as well admit it’ I was going to tell them the truth but louis said ‘Mate,we arent together you would be the first to know. We know we love each other but im just out a relationship with nicole so i dont want to seem like the male slag around here’

    He shrugged his shoulders and said ‘Why didnt you tell me you liked her i could have got you together before you went away with nicole and sorry mate but that wasnt a relationship, it lasted 3 weeks and out of the 3 weeks you seen each other 5 times max?’

    Gabby burst out laughing and said ‘i dont know what that was’ I decided to change the subject and said ‘do you want to play a film or do you want to play the xbox?’ Both harry and louis said ‘We will play the xbox, you both go do your lipgloss or whatever girls do.’

    Just then i got a text from niall saying ‘Hey, was shocked with what louis said tonight, so im guessing your not interested in robbie then?xx’

    I text him back saying ‘hello,had a good day seeing everyone felt like i hadnt seen you in a while!! erm…. no im not and even if louis hadnt said any of that i wouldnt have been interested because i love louis and everyone knows that and i would just be making false hope for him, tell him im sorry and just to let you all know even though louis said he loves me and i told him i love him we arent together. xx’

    Just then my mum and louis’ mum came in. She asked louis if he was staying here and he said ‘not tonight maybe in a couple of days’ She said ‘Well i am just going upstairs to pick out a few outfits from anne and then we will go. Harry said ‘gabby come with me a second’

    As soon as they left the room louis shut the door and wrapped his arms around my waist. He smiled cheekily and said ‘i wish i was staying tonight so i could cuddle up with my girlfriend.’ I smiled and said ‘you will have to wait until we announce we are a couple’ He laughed and said ‘i will still be sleeping in your bed since we arent together’ We heard his mum coming downstairs so we quickly kissed each other and sat down on the sofa.

    His mum came in and asked if he was ready to go. He nodded and said ‘come on then’ Harry and gabby came back now and said bye. He cuddled gabby and then he cuddled and kissed me on the cheek. When they left i said ‘im going to bed now night’ When i got upstairs i text him saying ‘I love you see you tomorrow?xx’

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