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    France was only 2 days away, we were of on monday and the boys were of today and sunday so basically it was just sorting out stuff and packing for France. I was helping Tom with his but then his phone went of

    “Who is it?” i asked

    “Nath, be back in a minute babe” Tom said getting up, shutting the door behind him. I thought to myself why the hell is he going outside to to to Nathan whats wrong with talking to him in here, i was confused. Tom was gone for about 5 minutes, i got up to wonder where he was, i opened the door and looked at Tom he said

    “Bye Nath see ya in a minute!” he said putting the phone

    “Babe i gotta go, se you later” he said hugging me and kissing me on the forehead

    “Where, b-but we gotta pack for France” i replied

    “Yeah i’ll do it later, just meeting nath for something be back in a couple of hours!” he said rushing of downstairs

    TOM, TOM!” i shouted then he slammed the door, i grabbed my phone and rnag Tom

    “Babe, whats up i just left” he said

    “Uh hello, thats it you just ran of and left me why? where are you going?” i asked

    “Just out”

    “Where to?” i asked

    “Town with Nath and the boys, make it up to you later” he said putting the phone down. I give up i thought and went back upstairs tured my music up full blast and started srting everything out again.



    “Cheers for meeting me guys, i just wanna find the perfect ring and thought you could help” i said to the boys

    “It better be worth it, Emma wasn’t hapopy that i rushed of and left her on her own again!” replied Tom

    “Sorry mate” i replied as we went to jewellery shops looking for the perfect ring for Alice. We looked round about 4 different ones until i saw one which i had a very good feeling Alice would love.

    “Boys what do think about that one?” i asked pinting to it

    “Mate go with what you think, she’s your girlfriend you should know!” said Jay

    “I’m sure she’ll love it!” replied Siva

    “At least someone is trying to be helpful here u like Max and Tom who buggard of to get a coffee from starbucks!” i said as they walked towards us

    “I’m sorry we were thirsy” said Max.

    Finally i had bought the ring, it wasn’t cheap but i wanted to make Alcie happy and it would be so worth it, the look on her face. I know have to hide it from her and not make it obvious im planning to do something.

    “So where is this gunna happen Sykes?” asked Max

    “France” i smiled

    “Ooh romantic” smiled Tom

    “Hopefully on the eiffel tower” i said as we got back to are flats

    “You’ve really thought this through haven’t you?” said Jay, i nodded

    “Well all you need now is for Alice to say yes, hopefully she does!” smiled Tom walking of to his flat

    “Thanks for the pocitive thinking Parker!” i shouted as i headed back to mine. I had the ring in my pocket as i walked through the door, Alice walked up and hugged me

    “Gone long enoguh?” she asked

    “Sorry got held up” i said

    “What did you buy?” she asked, fuck sake she was going to ask that wasn’t she. i had to think quickly

    “Uh we were um looking for clothes for France” i said luckily i had actually bought a new t-shirt, so i showed her.

    “Just gunna put me jacket ad that upstairs” i said running up them and finding a safe place to put the ring and so i would forget it.





    Today was the day. France here we come i smiled to myself. We were up at 6am and the kev was gunna drop us of at 7 so we really needed to get moving. I finished packing my final things then took my suitcase downstairs and me and Jay made are way to meet everyone else out by the van.

    “You want me to take it down the stairs?” asked Jay

    “Uh Jay theres a lift!” i said “How long have you lived here now, what 2 months”

    “Yeah well, come on then lets get into the lift!” he said laughing and we dragged are suitcasesin after us. The door opened and we walked out and saw everyone down there.

    “Think were last” said Jay

    “You think!” i said

    “Morning!” said Tom smiling

    “Alright guys!” i smiled hugging the girls

    “Right don’t just stand here hugging, kissing and what you do, get your assess into the van!” said Kev

    “Jees a simply please would of been nice!” said Siva.

    We got ot the airport and headed over to check in.

    “Last time i was at heathrow check in was when Emma was going to America” i said

    “Oh my god yeah, that seemed like years ago now” Em replied “I hated that day!”

    “We all did babe!” said Tom hugging Emma.

    Finally we all got onto the plane which was only gunnabe about an hours long flight or maybe slightly more. We all found are seats and got comfy before the plane took of.

    FRANCE HERE WE COME!!!” shouted Tom, i swear the whole plane turned round to look at him

    “Hi!” he smiled, we all laughed

    “Typical Parker!” laughed Jay holding my hand as the plane left the runway.


    To be Continued…...............


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