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    I’ll be your strength

    Part 5

    Nicki’s POV

    I walked through the front door of the lads flat which I was moving into with the other girls. Everyone else was in the living room. We must of left too late then! I couldn’t get Nathan up! He slept in! I’ll just blame him for being late. Haahaa, I such a ncie best friend! Anyway we walked through the door and said hi to everyone. I dumped my bags in Nathan and MY room. Then went back downstairs. “That was quick unpacking.” Sam said.

    “Yeah, I just kindda dumped my bags on the floor and will unpack later. I can’t be arsed to do it right now.” I told everyone.

    “So everyone, what are we having for dinner?” Nathan asked. It was getting on for 5pm. Yes we didn’t actually leave in the morning, we left in the afternoon! Haahaaa.

    “Well, pizza?” Tom asked. Everyone agreed. Tom ordered the pizza’s and they soon came. We stuck on the TV and XFactor was on.

    “Hey, I think you lads should actually be the judging panel on this show. Maybe Jay will be Dermot as you can’t have 5 judges.” Zoey said.

    “Yeah and which judge will I be babe?” Tom asked her.

    “Erm, Gary most likely.” She replied. We all laughed then we carried on eating the pizza, drinking our drinks and watching XFactor. I got up and took everyones pizza boxes through to the kitchen. Nathan followed me.

    “Helloooo…” He said.

    “What do you want Nath?” I asked. He was talking in his whining tone.

    “A cuppa please.” He said.

    “Can’t you make one? Your in the kitchen as well.” I told him.

    “but that’ll be effort.” He replied.

    “You lazy sod, you make yourself a cuppa or not have one at all!” I said, yeah sounded harsh a little but he can be VERY demanding at times! Haahaaa. I began to walk back into the living room when Nathan grabbed hold of my hand. “Nath waht do you want?” I asked him.

    “I want to tell you something.” He said.

    “What do you want to tell me?” I asked.

    “Well, erm, Nicki, I have liked you for a long time in a friend way but lately in the last few months, I have erm…liked you in a different way. Yeah I know it sounds weird but I seriously do love you Nicki. I love you.” He told me.

    “Nathan, thank god you like me in that way too.” I told him.

    “What are you on about?” He asked confused.

    “I like you too Nathan, I love you too but I didn’t know how to tell you.” I told him, his face lightened up. Then our faces moved towards each other, Then our lips touched for the first time ever. I have never kissed Nathan before. Yeah I have kissed other boys but Nathan was different. He was softer…


    End of Part 5

    Sorry if your not really in this part xxxx

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