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    Louis POV.

    “Briony?” I shouted sweetly while she ran out the door. “What was up with her? Did I do something?” I said in my head starting to get really worried. I went and tried to find her but couldn’t.

    Tanisha’s POV.

    Me and Tom were hand and hand sitting on the sofa talking and giggling away, When suddenly I saw Briony running from the kitchen and up the stairs and then heard a door slam. “OMG! is she okay?” Nathan said with a worried look on his face. “I really don’t know! I’ll go and try and find her.” I said worried. As I went to go up the stairs Louis was coming down, “TANISHA?! Have you seen Briony? I can’t find her anywhere, she was fine one minute and upset the next! And am really worried!” he said freaking out with a really worried look on his face. “That’s what I was just about to do, did you say anything to make her upset?” I asked him. “No, we were getting on great!” he replied with the same worried look on his face. “You really care about her, don’t you?” I asked sweetly and with a cute smile on my face. He sat on the stairs and put his face in his hands then looked up at me “yes… I know its been a short while but am crazy about her and she is like no one I’ve ever met.” he said so sweetly while still looking really worried. “omg Louis! That’s so sweet, look don’t worry I’ll go and find her, I’ll be back as soon as I find her and make sure she’s ok.” I said to him calmly whilst putting my hand on his shoulder. Now it time to go and find Briony I hope she’s okay!

    My POV.

    I couldn’t stop crying, I was so upset but then I heard the door open, i tried my best to clear my tear and hide the fact that I was crying but then I saw that it was Tanisha, “omg… Briony, what’s up hun?” she asked sweetly with an upset but caring look on her face. “nothing, am fine. Just go back down stairs and enjoy your night, I’ll be down in a minute!” she replied. “Briony! There is something up with you and am not leaving till I know what’s wrong with you.” she said being serious. I knew I wasn’t going to get out of it with her, “Tanisha, I don’t want to talk about it here.” I said while more tears formed in my eyes, she hugged me “Briony you can tell me anything and you can trust me with anything, you do know that, right?” she said. “of course I can and I know I can! It’s just to hard to talk about it cause I don’t want it to be true!” I said crying even more. “you don’t what to be true babe?” she said with a caring look on her face. “Am moving… To America.” I said with tears now pouring from my eyes, while I looked at Tanisha and her face went into shock. And there was silence in the room…

    Part 7(: thank you for reading<3 feedback? xoxo

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