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    I’m gonna Lose My Mind

    Part 35

    My POV

    So it’s time. Me and Rachael were logged onto twitter on seperate computers/laptops and we had the TwitCam up. The boys were talking non sense. “Hey Rach, shall we tweet them?” I asked her.

    “Yeah write this. ‘I am a BIG fan of you guys + deeply in love with Tom Parker! Shoutout?’” She said. I looked at her.

    “Cheesy or what? I’m changing Tom to Nath by the way.” I told her. She sighed and laughed. We both typed it and sent it. The boys didn’t see it so we sent it again and again. Until Jay started to read something.

    “Shoutout to RachaelLvsTW who’s in deep love with Tom. Wait Tom isn’t that Rach?” Jay asked.

    “What where?” He asked coming to the webcam. “Yeah it is. Hiya babe. Love you lots and lots.” He said down the webcam. She typed ‘I Love You Too Babe :) xxxx’ We both laughed.

    “Right then, I’m getting annoyed now I’m not being seen. I’m gonna send a tweet 1 mintue.” I told Rachael who was laughing. I sent them this


    Rachael saw my tweet and laughed. The boys still ignored me. “I’m getting fucking angry now!” I told Rachael who was in hysterics litterally.


    They ignored me AGAIN! I dialed Nathan’s number. I saw on the twitcam that he picked up the phone and walked away. “Nathan’s got a secret admirer everyone!” Max said teasing the audience.

    “Hello?” Nathan asked.

    “Heyya, you ignoring my tweets on the twit cam then?” I said laughing

    “Sorry I didn’t see them Tom+Jay in charge of the tweets.” He said.


    “Nath tell Jay to shut up!” I told him.

    “Jay Monica says Shut it!” He said laughing.

    “Tell her to F off.” He replied.

    “Put me on loud speaker pleasee Nathy!” I said.

    “Your on loud speaker!” He said.

    “I know I am I have the twitcam open stupid!” I told him.

    “Shut it you. I didn’t know that.” He said I was laughing. Rachael grabbed my phone.

    “Hello there Nathy.” She said down the phone.

    RACHAEL PASS ME THE FUCKING PHONE NOW TWAT!” I shouted and the boys were laughing.

    “NO YOU DISAGREED ON MAKING MY CUPPA SO YOU GET THIS.” She shouted so the boys could here.

    “I made you one tho, so pass the phone now or I can get you flown back over there!” I told her.

    “Is little Monica threatening me now! Awww.” She said.

    “I’M NOT LITTLE!” I said going off in a mard. Yes, I still get annoyed at that. So instead I decided to take her phone. I started to text Tom

    ‘To TomTom

    Hello, Tell your so called girlfriend to pass me my phone NOW! “/’

    “Monica, She won’t give it back I’m sorry chick!” He said to me down the twitcam. So Instead I decided to phone him.

    “Hello Monica.” He said knowing it was me.

    “I’m not a fucking twat! I know she said No I’m in the same fucking room as her!” I told him. “Pass me to Nathan please.” I said.

    “God it’s like pass the parcell but with phones.” Siva said making the lads laugh.

    “Hiya babe.” Nathan said. Jay, Siva and Max were talking to the viewers while Tom and Nathan were talking to us now. I was watching Max and Siva messing around as Max was asking Siva questions while Nathan and Tom were talking so it was weird.

    “Hello, please could you tell Max and Siva to stop that right now.” I said laughing.

    “Mate please stop.” He said laughing.

    “No baby nath! We need to entertain the viewers. We have nearly 1000 viewers!” Max replied with

    “Sorry babe. How are you in L.A?” He asked.

    “I’m fine thanks, miss you though. Love you lots and lots.” I told him

    “I miss you too. Love you more.” He said.

    “Ew, Nathan’s getting all soppy.” Jay said. Everyone laughed. I then looked on the twitcam and Tom was gone. I looked in the room and Rachael was gone. What they talking about? Oh well. I just need speak to Nathan


    End of Part 35


    Sorry it’s SO long! This may be the last part tonight xxx

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