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    #imagine its Louis’ birthday and you’re feeling pretty turned on. It’s just you and him in the house and you’re pretty pleased about this. You run upstairs and tell Lou to stay in the lounge. You quickly change into the slutty maid’s costume that you decided to buy for a treat for his birthday. You squeeze into it and add some suspenders and some heels. Adjusting your tits slightly, you grab a feather duster and head downstairs. You walk into the lounge to find Louis sat on the sofa watching TV. As soon as he sees you, a grin spreads across his face and he turns the TV off. You walk over to the wall and pretend to clean, by stretching up as tall as you can to reach the ceiling. You then step back and bend over to clean the floor. You can tell that you’re driving Louis crazy behind you. You stand up and turn around to face him. He is staring sexily at you, biting his lip and you can see his boner through his chinos. You slowly wander over to him, not taking your eyes off him. You stand in front of him, looking down on him as he stares up at you. You start to move your hips slowly and turn away from him, reaching behind you to untie your tight corset. The costume falls to the ground and you step out of it slowly. Without turning to face Louis, you run your hands up your body and into your hair. You run your fingers through it, tilting your head back a little. You start to move your hips in small circles, before bending your knees a little and straightening back up. You slowly turn to face Louis as you do this. As you turn to face him you see that his trousers and boxers are around his knees and he’s slowly jacking off – with his eyes glued to your body. You smile at the thought of driving him this crazy without even touching him yet. You move closer to him, standing in the space between his knees. You bend your lags slowly, resting your hands on his knees and running them up his thighs. You move closer towards his dick and open your mouth slightly. He moves his hands away so you can do as you wish. You take it in one hand and gently lick the top of it. You then move to the base and slowly run the tip of your tongue to the top, then moving onto his chest and licking lightly all the way up to his neck as you take his top off. You then straddle him, pressing your tits against his chest. He kicks off his chinos and boxers and you both sit there for a moment. You play with his hair a little as you kiss his neck. He subtly whispers in your ear that he can’t wait any longer. You tease him for a moment longer before lowering yourself slowly into his now throbbing dick. Without warning, he thrusts his hips upwards and his dick slides deep into your wet pussy. You moan loudly at the unexpected surprise as Louis mumbles something about not being able to wait any longer. You slowly grind up and down, going as deep as you can. You press your hands on Louis’ chest as he stares at your tits moving slowly up and down. You begin to pick up the pace, moving faster. Louis lets out a little groan and you grin lightly. You feel goose bumps rise on the back of your neck as you begin to find yourself biting your lip harder, trying to keep your moans in. You ride him faster and faster, pressing Louis’ hands to your tits and throwing your head back. You move your hands onto his back, digging your nails in slightly, unable to control yourself. You try harder and harder not to scream but you can’t hold it in much longer. You feel Louis’ dick grow inside you intensifying the pleasure to an insane level. The only thing you can think about is his dick pounding in and out of you. You can cold it any longer; your breathing becomes faster and more frantic; you close your eyes and tilt your head back and let out a long, high pitched scream as your orgasm. You feel Louis’ dick grow even more as you scream his name. You feel his cum fill your tight pussy as he groans loudly, mumbling your name. You collapse onto him, his dick still deep inside you.

    “Oh.. my.. god.” Louis sighs, and you chuckle to yourself, pleased with your handiwork.


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