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    Part 28 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….


    My POV:

    So me and the guys were up at6:30ambecause we had to be at Capital by8am. I felt really tearful as me and Nath were telling like everyone I was pregnant. Nath came over and gave me a hug and then the rest of the guys over and we had a group hug. We all got changed and set off. I was fine till we parked up outside of the radio station a tear ran down my face I dried it and put on a brave face for my fans. I saw this was going to be a big interview as they put speakers out side the station. We stepped inside the station and I started to shake but I sort of calmed down till we got into the room. I sat next to Nath and we were holding hands my eyes started to fill up with tears and I held them in till he done the announcement ‘So joining me in the studio are Samantha Shailer and The Wanted’ a tear started to run down my face ‘Wow! all very tearful in this room right now Sam please explain why your crying’ I didn’t know what to say so Nath looked at me I dried my eyes and Brian (radio presenter) said ‘That’s one nice engagement ring’ I started to go red and Nath smiled and then Brian asked ‘So Sam when did Nathan purpose to you?’ I finally could speak but I was still in tears ‘2 days ago’ he said congratulations and then Nath said we’ve also got something else to tell you I went bright red and then he touched my stomach and said ‘We’ve got a baby Nath or a baby Sam on the way’ I was still in tears but this made me smile. The other radio presenters ran in the room and gave me a hug I heard the fans scream. Jayne said that some of the fans where crying. We carried on with the interview but I couldn’t believe that I just told a load of people I was pregnant. We walked outside to go see the fans and lots of the fans were crying Nath walked up to me and gave me a kiss and a cuddle. The fans were so supportive and I just didn’t want to leave but in the end I was dragged into the van. I was so happy with the interview and we were now on our way home.


    End Of Part 28

    Sorry it’s short


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