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    Part 26 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….



    My POV:

    So me and Nath were walking out of the hospital. I was holding Nath’s left hand so my ring was showing to all the paps they were getting right up taking pictures of it me and Nath just laughed and he whispered in my ear ‘told you it would be fine’ then he kissed me on the cheek. We weren’t planning on telling any paps that I was pregnant till my bump showed and I was shitting that as it was only a couple of months away. We all got into the van and went straight to our flat. I’m guessing I would have to move out soon as the baby’s on it’s way. I guess I’m sort of used to the idea that I was pregnant it’s a lot to take in when your only 18. I’m guessing no more clubbing for me haha. I went to go make everyone and tea but I was stopped by Lottie. This is the only down side of being pregnant everyone doing everything for you I mean I like being motivated but no the girls are making such a big fuss. Me and Nath just cuddled up on the sofa and fell asleep as we had been up all night. I had woke up as I had more wedding planning to do I left Nath with yet another pillow I told the girls to put make up on him and tell him to go to the shops for some more sugar. They laughed why I got my laptop, phone, tea, notebook, pen and Chloe. I had told everyone I wanted Chloe to be my maid of honour as I’ve known her the longest. The girls where fine with it they were really excited to be bridesmaids. I opened my notebook and jotted all of the members of my family. After that I knew I had to tell my cousin Alex not only was she my cousin she was like my best friend so I just had to tell her. Chloe was helping me so she was searching for wedding planners on her laptop I was searching lots of different stuff and the other girls were putting lots of make up on Nath it was really funny.


    Chloe’s POV:

    So today Sam asked me to be her maid of honour and I was really happy. Today I also called Brandan I didn’t have time because of what was going on. Sam looked really tired so I told her to go to bed but she kept refusing. I had to drag her off her laptop but she just escaped and went back to her laptop. It was now5pmNath woke up and I told Nath that we needed more sugar he got up and walked out the door. We watched him walk down the street it was really funny as everyone was giving him strange looks. We looked at Sam as she didn’t get up and we noticed she had fallen asleep with her laptop on her lap. Here’s another shock Brandan asked me out on another date I really liked him and I didn’t want to mess anything up.Erinwas going on another date with Charlie tomorrow they were so cute together. Sam was going to try her best to doErin’s hair and make up tomorrow as she was feeling kind of ill. We were being like her servants and she hated it. We were now watching Nath walking back from the window it was really funny. We all quickly sat down went we heard the door opening. He just came in and said ‘I’m getting really weird looks out there’ everyone just burst out laughing and he then turned his head to look in the mirror. He asked who done it and I pointed to the girls he laughed but they were saying it was Sam’s idea it was really funny though. She was still asleep so Nath just cuddled up with her and fell asleep.




    It was now about11pmand we all had job searching in the morning so we decided to call it a night.


    End Of Part 26


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