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    PREVIOUSLY: Alice and Nathan had a paint fight whilst decorating Alice’s new room and Josie and Jay went out for a meal after they found the mess that Nath and Alice left.


    FEW DAYS LATER...........


    Today the boys had a photoshoot and a few interviews to do for some magazines so i thought us four girls should go out. We were gunna head to town and help Alice get things for her new room.

    “See ya later Megan!” said Max hugging me

    “Don’t get into too much trouble” i said

    “Haha can’t promise that” he replied walking out the door with the other 4 lads. I went upstairs to grab my shoes and my bag then i walked over with Ami to Josie and Alice’s. We got the bus into Westfield just the four of us but it was strange it should of been five.

    “So what do you need then?” i asked Alice

    “Uh a new wardrobe, new bed covers, chest of drawers” she went on.

    “Uh have you noticed we are getting the bus back?” asked Ami

    “Yeah and..?” she replied

    “Uh how the hell are you going to carry it?” i asked her

    “I’m gunna get it delivered, haha im not carrying that on a bloody bus!” she replied laughing. So we headed into a few shops and Alice picked out a wardrobe and some drawers. We were walking to get some dinner in Nandos hen we walked past a familiar looking group of lads but they had there hoods up.

    “Lads!” Josie said as we stopped in front of them. They lifted their heads, we knew it was the boys.

    “Ladies!” replied Max. We smiled and we hugged them all.

    “So what brings you here?” i asked

    “Uh getting some dinner trying not to be spotted by fans” said Nath

    “Ah were getting lunch as well” said Alice hugging Nath.

    “Care to join us then?” asked Max taking my hand

    “May as well” we all rplied heading into Nandos.



    So photoshoot done and only one more inteview to go before we could finally go home it was getting on for 8pm. We headed to do an interview for In Demand. We walked into the studio and took are seats. And they started asking us the questions. They were going round the group when they got to me.

    “So Tom we heard you girlfriend moved to America about a week ago now”. I knew this would come up.

    “Uh yeah thats right” i replied sinking into my chair.

    “Were all coping though!” said Max trying to keep their minds off the idea.

    “How are you coping Tom?”. For god sake why can’t they just drop it, Max said we were coping.

    “Uh i’m okay i suppose, i mean i find differnt ways to keep my mind of it but whatever i do i still think about Emma everyday!” i replied

    “Aww im sure you’ll get used to it, now how long were you going out before she dropped the news?”. And the questions keep coming.

    “Uh just over a month and she didn’t just drop it, it was her mum job” i said.

    “Right uh moving on!” said Jay laughing to make it less awkward. This was the first time i had been asked about it over a live interview and i know it would come up but not 3 questions on it, why can’t they leave my private life alone?

    “So boys all you got girlfriends on the go, dissapointed fans?”

    “Yes were all loved up!” said Siva smiling, another question where i think about Emma, i went into deep thought.

    “The fans take the news obviously if were there fav there gunna be disspaointed were taken but they are all supportive and always say nice comments!” smiled Jay.

    The interviewer then went on for about another 15 minutes….


    MY POV

    The boys had been back for around 2 hours now. I was upstairs listening to my music sat on Nathans bed while he was in the shower.

    “You staying here again tonight then?” Nath asked me as he walked out the shower in just a towel!

    “Uh yeah!” i said

    “You may aswell your here all the time!” said Nath

    “Sorry i’ll go if im not wanted!” i said pretening to leave.

    “No stay!” said Nath “Please!”

    “Haha course i’ll stay i ain’t going back to mine now!” i laughed getting in bed and watching Nath walk round the room trying to find something.

    “Stop staring at me!” he said grabbing his grey trackies

    “Sorry can’t help myself, what do you expect if your gunna walk round the bedroom with your abs out!” i said smiling. Nath smiled and headed back into the bathroom. I sat up flicking through songs on my ipod, 200 songs and i couldn’t find one i actually want to listen to. Nathan finally came out and gave me the cheesiest smile ever. I just looked at him, then he jumped on the bed and led next to me on his stomach.

    “Alri’ my love!” he said in a bristolian accent, i just laughed

    “Alri’ r’ Nath?” i asked joining in the Bristolians phrases.

    “Haha was that meant to be an impression of me?” i asked.

    “Yeah” he said laughing.

    “Cheeky buggar!” i said.

    “Al!” said Nath

    “Yes?” i answered

    “What do you want from life?” he asked, i looked at him

    “Why?” i asked

    “We got asked that in an interview today” he said lifting his head up

    “Uh what do you want from life?” i asked him

    “Uh to be with my beautiful girl who i love very much and for the band to be successful and dominate the world!” he smiled

    “Oh right, who’s this girl then?” i asked raising an eyebrow

    “Uh she’s got brown straight hair, has deep green eyes that sparkle when i look into them, she is from Bristol and happens to be here right now!” he said moving closer to me

    “So what do want from life?” he asked me as i was runing my hand through his hair.

    “Uh be with the boy i love!” i replied

    “Oh what does he look like?” Nath asked trying not to laugh

    “He’s got brown hair which sweeps across his forehead, has a crazy obsession with flat peaks and he’s in some band called The Wanted, you might not know them!” i laughed

    “Ah right, i think were perfect for eachother!” laughed Nath and moved in closer to kiss me.


    To be Continued….....

    I know it’s not the best, stuck on what to write atm x

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