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    PREVIOUSLY: Emma rang and Tom, Alice and Josie were on the phone to her for hours that day and later on in the day Nathan and Josie helped Alice move her stuff in to her new house well Josie and Emmas house.


    About a month had past and we had rang Emma and skyped loads nearly every day which wasn’t too bad, she didn’t seem to be enjoying it very much, she was on her own most of the time and didn’t know anyone in the area we all felt bad for her as her mum and dad were at work.

    MY POV

    So i went over to my new house haha i loved saying that anyway today i was attempting to decorate the bedroom. I had a feeling it was gunna fail. I  went over to see Nath as he said he would help me. I let myself in as the door was unlocked.

    “Oh just let yourself in, you know it could of been some stranger or peodo!” said Amy walking by, i laughed

    “Sorry Nath just said let myself in!” i replied hugging her then headed up to get Nath. I only had some old trackies on and a vest top and Nath was stood there in a pair of high tops, chinos and a blue and white stripped top.

    “Uh Nath were painting a room not going to town!” i said

    “Oh hi nice to see you to!” he said laughing and hugging me.

    “Oh right yeah sorry i went out earlier to the shop and forgot to change!” he replied

    “Right well get changed then!” i said standing there. He was waiting for something but i didn’t know what.

    “You gunna leave so ii can change?” he asked

    “Oh, right fine then i’ll just buggar off!” i said turning round to the door

    “Wait you thought i was gunna strip in front of you?” he asked, i looked at him then nodded

    “Haha your not seeing me in my boxers that easily!” he replied shutting the door behind me. I headed downstairs to wait for him then bumped into Tom.

    “Hello!” i said

    “Alright, why did Nath kick you out?” he asked

    “Uh he’s getting changed!” i replied

    “Bloody sissy won’t even strip in front of his own girlfriend bless!” said Tom walking off. He seemed a lot happier now a days i think he accepted that speaking to Emma on the phone and skyping was better than not seeing her at all.


    Later on that day me and Nath were in the middle of painting the room, it was going all right at the moment. Until.

    “Nath top the pot up babe!” i asked, he grabed the paint and poured more into the littler pot we had, but it came out too fast and the pot overflowed and went over the floor.

    “NATHAN!” i shouted

    “SORRY!” he shouted back.

    “Your lucky we put plastic sheets over the floor Mr!” i replied whacking him over the head.

    “Oi!” he saidputting the brush down in the pot. I turned round then the next minute i felt a someone brush the side of my cheek, turned out Nathan wiped paint on my cheek.

    YOU LITTLE GIT!” i shouted “SYKES LEAVE!”

    HAHA NO!” he said. I trned my back to get some paint to wipe on him, but before i could he picked me up from round my waist and span me round then put me down on the other side of the room.

    “Nathan!” i said

    “‘Nathan!” He replied mimicking me.

    “I hate you!” he said

    “Hate you more!” he laughed then lent i any kissed me, where i touched my cheek and the paint was still wet io had some on my hand so as nath lent in to kiss me i pulled away and wiped it on his forehead.

    “BITCH!” he said

    CALLED PAYBACK SYKES!” i said running roung the room. Somehow it turned into me and Nathan kissing. Nath started stepping back then he suddenly stopped ad pulled away then he looked down to the floor so did i and i saw he had steped in the paint pot.

    “NO FUCK SAKE!” he said, i was in tears of laughter.

    “Glad you think it’s funny!” he said sitting down and taking of his shoe.

    “Aren’t you happy i told you NOT to wear your high tops. Then he started flicking the paint at me, it turned into a painball fight without the guns.



    So me and Jay were going out tonight for a romantic meal. So we headed back to mine to get ready, i knew Alice and Nath would be there and they were decorating Alice’s room. God knows what it would turn out like but it would be interesting i thought and laughed about it to Jay. We both headed upstairs and we took one step into Alice’s bedroom and it was literally plastered in paint not just the walls. More paint was on the floor and on them than on the walls for a start.


    “Uh long story!” said Nath laughing.

    “We wanna know!” i said staring at them both and trying not to laugh.

    “Well i put paint on Alice, then she put paint on me, we started kissing then i stepped into the paint pot and got my foot covered in it so i started flicking it at Alice then we sort of had a paint fight i guess!” laughed Nath

    “You pair of plonkers!” said Jay

    “Oh dear uh im gunna leave you two to it!” i said closing the door and heading to my room. Which was paint free luckily.

    “Jay just chuck your stuff down there!” i said

    “Well it’s certainly a lot cleaner in here!” here he smiled. I smiled back

    “I try not to throw paint as people or on my stuff!” i said laughing

    “Haha it does sound sorta fun though!” he replied. We then both got ready. I decided to wear my blue dress and Jay had a smart air of jeans on and a checked shirt with a pair of converse. Casual but he looked HOT! I straightened my hair then put some make up on before i headed to say by to the pair of idiots still covered in paint.

    “Guys were going now!” i said, they still hadn’t cleaned up and it was already 7pm!

    “Bye, have fun!” said Alice sat there eating a take away pizza hut whilst covered in paint still. I really couldn’t take them seriously looking like that.


    To be Continued….

    Sorry it’s short i have been busy these last few days xx

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