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    Part 7 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….



    Lottie’s POV:

    We arrived at a really posh restaurant and Max said to the waiter George the waiter replied with George private table for 2. I stood there with a big grin on my face. He knew we had to get a private table or fans might be disturbing our perfect night.




    We finished our meal and left obviously paying. We got in the car and went back to Sam’s they were all up watching a film. We walked in the living room and Sam was lying on Nath’s stomach and the rest of them were just sitting up. Me and Max looked at each other to sort of say are they dating? But I looked at Chloe and she shook her head.


    My POV:

    I was lying on Nath’s stomach (as you do) and I heard a knock at the door so I asked Chloe to go and answer it. It was Max and Lottie. They walked into the living room so I got up and asked if they wanted a drink they both nodded I said ‘We decided no shots tonight’ everyone laughed but Tom shouted ‘lightweight’ so I shouted back ‘Drunken asshole’ he laughed no-one dared to say lightweight because of what happened. I looked at my phone and I had a text from Lottie saying she had a great night. So I texted back ‘aww you 2 are going to be together forever! xxx’ I walked in the living room with a bear and a WKD for Max and Lottie. Then I laid back on Nath’s stomach. He ran out of bear so I asked him if he wanted another he replied ‘yes please’ so I got up and got me a WKD and Nath a bear. I laid back on his stomach and feel asleep. I may have been asleep but you know that feeling when you feel like your being watched yeah that’s how I felt so I made a fist and punched straight in front of me all I heard was ‘ouch’ in a deep Bolton accent I opened my eyes and saw that Tom had a nose bleed. I felt bad but I said ‘don’t watch me while I’m fucking sleeping then you prick!’ he went of in a Tom tantrum. I could tell he wanted a fag but he gave up so I went to talk to him.


    Tom’s POV:

    FUCK SAKE NOSE BLEED! GRRR! The last thing I needed is to be is embarrassed in front of Alannah. I liked her a lot but then I go and get punched by Sam her best friend. Sam walked up to me I felt like punching her back but I couldn’t so I relaxed. She said she was sorry and that weren’t meant to happen I forgave her and told her why I was annoyed she replied with aww Tom that’s so sweet and she gave me a hug and a bit of tissue. It was pretty funny but embarrassing. I didn’t want to walk back into the living room but Sam dragged me in there.


    End Of Part 7

    Sorry it’s long!


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