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    Part 5 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….




    My POV:

    We all seemed to get into little groups it was me, Nath, Chloe, Tom and Alannah in one little group the Siva, Ellie, Jay, Evie and Erin then Max and Lottie. We were all getting along nicely. We were walking up to JD and I ran in there and everyone stared at me I replied with ‘What the sell hats!’ and ran up the stairs  I heard Nath’s heavy breathing so I turned round and waited then we slowly walked up the stairs together. The rest of the guys and girls were walking behind us. We got to the hat bit and saw so many lush hats I said to Nath how I wanted all of them and he replied ‘let me buy you a couple’ I gave him a hug and he grabbed a couple for him and a couple for me we made sure we didn’t get the same ones we were just gunna share them. We went to the tills and paid. We walked back over to the group they were all shaking there heads then Max said ‘You two are terrible with you hat obsessions’ everyone laughed. We all lefted JD and carried on shopping all the girls wanted to go see Monte Carlo and the guys just wanted to go home. Yes that’s right girls always get there way. After the film we made our way home and everyone was staying at mine as my parents were out the county renewing there vowels. I thought it was sweet but I was abusing it by having everyone over. I needed to go shopping so Nath said he’ll come with but Tom will drive us. So we got to Tesco’s or as I like to call it ‘Esco’s’ haha! We filled up a trolley with a load of shit and went to pizza hut and got a load of pizza’s for everyone. Normally I wouldn’t eat anything will high fat in but it was a sleepover so I thought fuck it. We got back to the house I got the bears out the bear and WKD’s out of the bear fridge I didn’t like much achole I only seem to like WKD I got called a light weight so to prove them wrong I mixed up a shot (not that I was taught by my mum’s best friend husband course not << >> haha!) We done shots for a while and were pissed. We all fell asleep…….


    End Of Part 5

    There was not much explaining to do so it’s kind of short and sorry it’s only My POV


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