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    MY POV

    I woke up in my bed, today was the day that Emma was leaving. I got up and my heart sunk thinking about it. She was leaving at 2pm. We were all going over to the boys before Emma left. I went downstairs to find my mum cooking bacon sandwiches.

    “Morning!” she smiled, i just gave a weak smile back.

    “Alice i know it will be hard saying bye but you will see her again!” she said “I made you a bacon sarnie!”

    “I’m not hungry thanks mum!” i said walking up to my room to get ready.


    I arrived at the boy house, not the most happiest person in the world but as i walked in neither was anyone else to be honest. Emma was here, i ran and hugged her.

    “Hey im not going for another 2 hours yet!” she said

    “Yeah well you can never have too many hugs!” i smiled

    “OI she gets more hugs than me at the moment!” said Nath

    “Well your not moving to America are you!” i said, Nath gave me the puppy dog face. I went over to hug him, how can you say no to him. So two hours until she leaves, we thought we would go out for an hour or so, we eneded up in the park! Don’t ask why.



    Me and Tom were stood on are own as the others walked on without us.

    “This is it then, last time out with you!” said Tom interlocking are fingers together. I sighed

    “Yep guess it is until i come to visit!” i replied as we stopped. Tom turned to face me.

    “Em, we can still be together right?” he asked, i looked at him.

    “yeah i supose” i replied

    “What do you mean by supose????” asked Tom

    “Well i want to be with you so much Tom, but it’s gunna be so hard living that far away, if you do find someone else then go for it cause im only gunna get to visit now and again!” i replied looking at him.

    “But your the only one i wanna be with, your the only one that i have actually fallen in love with” he said

    “Same with me Tom but just bare what i said in mind” i replied as we walked on to catch up with the others. We headed home i dreaded the next hour to come.

    Josie and Alice came in saying they had something for me. They wrapped it up so i sat there like why? Anyway as i opened it i saw it was a photo album. I just looked at them and everyone was looking at me Jpsie and Alic esmiled at eachother. I opened the first oage and it was full of writing they wrote about all the good times and how sad they were about me going. After reading the first page there was more writing a bit from everyone sat around me, it made me smile but cry as wel. Finally i got to all the pictures, i just laughed as most of them were us three acting like idiots but there was really nice ones like when went on a girls holiday to Ibiza last year.

    We were all sat around chatting until i got a phonecall from my dad.

    “Hello” i said

    “Hi Emma uh were gunna make are way over in a minute so you might start to want to say your goodbyes!” he replied. This moment came to soon i thought.

    “Alright, bye!” i said and put my phone back in my pocket, a tear rolled down my face.

    “My parents are coming over now!” i said. Everyone faces dropped.

    “Noooooo!” said Josie jumping up and hugging me. I made my way through everyone i got to Alice and Josie bye now i was crying quite a lot.

    “Gunna miss you two so much!” i said hugging them

    “Guna miss you two Emma” they chorused  “now don’t come back to England with a nice tan as we’ll have pasty white skin!” said Alice, i laughed a little. We had a little talk then i went over to Tom who was stood there completely silent. I hugged him, we hugged for ages.

    “Can’t believ this is it!” i said pulling away from him

    “You don’t understand who much im gunna miss you!” he said moving a piece of loose hair from my face.

    “I going to miss you so mcuh as well i’ll ring or skyoe as soon as i get chance!” i said, i hearda car beep outside, it was my dad.

    “I gotta go!” i said, Tom pulled me in for another hug. I heard my dad beep a few times. I pulled away froim the hug and kissing Tom. I wanted that kiss to last forever but i had to go.

    “Bye Tom!” i said, everyone ran and gave me one last hug.

    “Bye guys!” i shouted as they saw me out the door. I got into the car, tears still running down my face, i coud see Tom, Alice and Josie crying as well. This really was it.



    That was it, the love of my life gone, what am i going to do now. I can’t just sit here feeling sorry for myself, but it’s Emma thats all im thinking about. Shit i thought to myself, i forgot to give her, her prsent how the hel did i forget that. Siva must of saw the expression on my face

    “Whats up Tom?” he asked

    “I FORGOT TO GIVE EMMA HER PRESENT!“  i said running upstairs and grabbing it.

    GUYS WE NEE TO O TO THE ARIPORT!” i said running into the kitchen

    “But Emma don’t want us there!” said Josie

    “I FORGOT TO GIVE HER THE PRESENT I GOT HER!” i said, We all jumped into the van.

    “Stupid traffic come on!” i said

    “Tom we’ll get there when we can!” said Max

    “Go faster then!” i said

    “I can’t!” said Max “Do you wanna crash?”. We finally arrived at the airport, i jumped out whilst the others sat int he car while Max found a parking space. I ran to the check in dsk, she wasn’t i any queues therea t all. I ran up the stairs through some shops still i couldn’t see her.

    EMMA, EMMA!” i called everyone was looking at me like i was crazy. I ran through departures. she wasn’t there. I slumped down on a chair, i missed her. Then i heard a voice

    “Tom?” it said, i looked up.


    To be Continued….....

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