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    PREVIOUSLY: We all headed to Cornwall for a week and spent most of the first day in the pool, sunbathing and relaxing.


    MY POV

    The next week flew by and before we knew it we were back in London and Emma was here for 4 more days turns out she was going earlier than we thought. I went over to hers and Josie’s house to help Emma pack.

    “So then excited?” asked Josie trying to lighten the mood

    “No” said Emma she wasn’t the happiest of people nowadays which was sad as she is normally a bubbly person.

    “Come on Emma im sure it will be fun think of the tan you’ll get” i said cheering her up but dying inside myself. She gave a weak smile whilst packing photos of us three in her suitcase.


    Me and Josie were at mine making Emma’s present. We collected photos of the past 2 and a bit years of all three of us, good memories and we both started sticking them in a photo album for her, some of the photos made us laugh. I heard the door go so i went down to answer it. Nath stood there lent against the doorway.

    “Hello Sykes!” i said

    “Hello beautiful” he said smiling

    “And what are you doing here?” i asked

    “Came to see you” he said smiling and he walked in and followed me up the stairs.

    “Woah whats going on in here?” he asked

    “Oh hi Nath im fine thanks” said Josie sarcastically.

    “Were making a photo album for Emma” i said wrapping my arms around him.

    “You know what im gunna leave you two it because were never gunna get anything done with Nathan here” said Josie

    “Oh cheers i’ll leave then” he said walking out

    “NO stay, Josie was being mean” i said hugging him. Nath then helped us and we got a lot done in the space of an hour i guess, we only got about half way through, until Nath saw the most embarrassing photo of me ever.

    “Josie i told you NOT to put that one in the pile” i said

    “Haha sorry was to hard to resist!” she sniggered

    “Oh this is too funny what were you doing?” asked Nath

    “It was my cousins wedding party and Emma and Josie came along and we all got totally hammered but somehow i look like a knob in that photo!” i said taking of Nath about to rip it up but he strated tickling me.

    “Piss off Nath!” i said dropping the photo and he took it.

    “When your 40 im gunna blow this up big and stick it all over London and post it on twitter!” laughed Nath

    “Oh haha very funny” i said giving him and Josie the evils.



    I was finishing the last of my packing when i came across the photo of me and Tom i picked it up, stared at it for ages and i felt my eyes fill with tears it then hit me that i only have 3 more days in London and im spending it in an empty room packing my stupid suitcase which im dropping to my parents later on. I was going out with Tom later on but he was out at the moment doing something tha i wasn’t to know about. Thats the second time he won’t tell me what he’s doing in the past 3 weeks, i was a little curious but had to trust him i supose. For the nest few days Tom offered that i could stay with him and the boys which was a nice idea but the flat was huge anywa but Tom insisted i stayed so i headed to theres.

    “Hello” i said walking in

    “Oh no Emma stay there ill be riht back!” said Tom sprinting up the stairs it looked like he had something stuffed up his jumper.

    “What was that up your top?” i asked as he came back down

    “Uh what thing?” he asked

    “You know what don’t worry” i said hugging him, thinking he was obviously hiding something but didn’t want to tell me so i thought instead of creating tension i was gunna leave it.




    So Emma was going in two days and we thought we would have a party for her. It was gunna be tonight and she had no idea about it. It was only gunna be at are place nothing big but just all her close mates and boyfriend Tom.  I told Tom to come over to take her out for the day so the rest of us could set up for tonight.

    “Josie i don’t wanna go out i wanna stay in my trackies and vest top all day i don’t feel like doing anything!” Emma complained.

    “Go and put somehting pretty on, Tom is coming over to take you out!” i said

    “Why i told him we would spend the day here”

    “Well i told him he needs to take you out so go and change!” i said

    “Fine!” she said walking back up stairs. Tom then knocked ont he door quietly, i let him in

    “Right take her out all day until around 6ish!” i said whispering.

    “What to do though?” he asked

    “I dunno take her out for a meal, take her to the cinema, take her to town i don’t know but we need to get the house ready for later on Parker!” i said, Emma then wlaked down the stairs

    “What you whispernig about down here?” she asked

    “Nothing babe come on!” said Tom pushin her out the door, i just laughed and rang everyone to come round. Everyone came to the door at once.

    “Right we have until 6 people!” i said

    “Right Max and Megan get drinks!” i said

    “Yes bext bit!” shouted Max

    “Siva and Ami ddecorations?” i asked

    “Yeah  sure come on babe!” said Ami

    “Nath and Alice uh clean the house!” i said

    “Fuck off!” said Alice “It’s your house!”

    “You tell her!” said Nath joining in

    “Actually leaving you and Nath alone ain’t a good god knows what you’ll get up to” laughed Joise “Fine then me and Jay will clean the house you two can get some food or whatever!” said Josie

    “What do you think were gunna get up to and anyway, yes you can clean since it’s YOUR house!” said Nath

    GUYS WAIT DON’T LET EMMA OR TOM SEE YOU!” i said, everyone nodded and ran out the door.


    To be Continued…........




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