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    Me and Josie were both up but had nothing to do today so we thought we would go and see what Alice was up to.

    “Hey” we both shouted as she opened the door

    “I was in bed!” she replied

    “Oh yeah that explains why your stood there in your pj’s” i replied laughing

    “What you doing here at 10am?” she asked

    “We had nothing better to do” said Josie

    “I can see that anyway you may as well come in” she said leading us into the front room

    “Stay  here i’ll go get ready, heres the remote, you know how to work you been here enough time” she laughed. I put 4music on and Lose My Mind started playing so me and Josie had a little rave and sang a bit.

    “What you two doing here again?” asked her brother Scott walking into the room and snatching the remote of me

    “Uh hello nice to see you as well” said Josie sarcastically

    “I was watching that!” i said to Scott

    “Oh no didums” he replied

    “Alice said we could watch what we wanted” said Josie

    “Yeah but you don’t live here” said Scott

    “But were your guests” i replied

    “It’s only you two” said Scott

    RUDE LITTLE BOY!” shouted Josie.

    “Anyway got any gossip on Alice and Nathan?” asked Scott

    “Haha well where do i start” said Emma laughing

    “She’l kill us if we spill” said Josie

    “Oh come on Josie it’ll be funny” i said

    “Well Siva and Amy caught them in bed together, i’ve walked in on them with eachother tongues down there throats” said Josie

    “Well she never told me that wait he’s done my sister?” asked Scott

    “No they just caught them sleeping” said Emma laughing then Alice walked down the stairs

    “Eh up sis heard you did Nathan” said Scott winding her up

    “WHAT!” she replied “Whatever they have said isn’t true!”

    “Ye ye im going to see Olivia” said Scott

    “Oh don’t bang her too long!“ Alice shouted then her mum walked in

    “What did you just say?” she asked

    “U-uh i said don’t bang on her door too long“ Alice replied “Bye mum!”, we then ran out the house.

    “Bang on her door too long?” i said

    “I couldn’t think of anything else!” she said laughing.



    “Megan get outta bed babe!” i shouted

    “NO!” she said

    “Come on” i said pulling the duvet of her

    “Go away Max” she said

    “Oh well you asked for it” i said walking out the room

    “Where are you going?” she mumbled, i walked back in with a cup of water

    “You wouldn’t” she said

    “You wanna bet babe” i said hovering the cup over her head

    “You love me too much to do that” she replied, then i tipped it on her head

    YOU LITTLE FUCK!” she shouted, i just laughed

    “I did tell you to get outta bed” i said

    “WHY?” “WATER?” “THE BED IS WET” she shouted “look at my hair is soaked”

    “Whats going on in here?” asked Tom walking in

    “Max is going to be killed in a minute, if you don’t wanna see i suggest you leave Thomas” said Megan

    “Oh you got a water over the head job don’t worry i have had many of them in the past from him” said Tom walking out

    BUT YOU GOT OWNED!” he said turning round laughing before he shut the door again.

    “I’m guna run now” i said

    “I’ll get you George!” she said “When i’m dry though”


    MY POV

    I was in the local shop looking for a good magazine to read but every single one had at least a page of me and Nathan, making out we doing more than kissing in the park stupid press i thought to my self. I stood there reading one article which made me laugh at the amount of lies it was when a shadow appeared on the paper.

    “Excuse me if you wanna read it then buy it!” said a voice, i quickly threw the the magazine on the rack

    “No i’m d-done with it” i replied but as i turnt around i saw Nathan standing there

    “Haha you were scared!” he said

    “No i wasn’t” i replied, he pulled me in for a hug

    “You so were the look on your face” he replied laughing

    “Alright shut up i thought you were some security guard or something” i laughed

    “Anyway what were you reading?” he asked me

    “Some article about us the lies they make up is hilarious” i said showing him

    “Oh my god they twist things!” said Nath “Anyway i was thinking instead of hanging around in a shop all day as much fun as that sounds” he said sarcastically “Would you like to do something?” asked Nath

    “Uh no i think im gunna stay here, read all the magazines instead of buying them then i’ll see you later” i replied sarcastically

    “Okay bye then” said Nath laughing “No seriously what do you wanna do?” he asked as we walked out hand in hand the we saw about 3 more press

    “How about we head for home first?” i asked

    “Sounds good” he replied as we made a quick dash to mine

    “You can meet my mother properly and Scott again oh aren’t you lucky” i laughed

    “Oh no actually Scott is banging Olivia probably and my mum’s gone out to see me nan so theres no one home” i said as i knocked on the door but then remembered why no one was answering.


    To be Continued

    I know it ain’t the best :L

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