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    Alice had come back but this time Emma and Tom was with her. She had just got in the door and normally she would come to me and Emma first but today she went straight to hug Nathan obviously something was going on between them as they were in the same bed last night.

    “Oi do i get a hug then?” i shouted

    “Haha sorry Josie” she said laughing and walking over to me

    “I told you so” i whispered in her ear

    “Told me what?” she relied confused

    “That you and Nathan would end up together” i smiled at her she smiled back then looked over to Nath who winked at her.

    Later on that day me and Jay planned a day together as we were just about to head out there manager Jayne knocked on the door.

    “Hello” said Jay letting her in

    “Right guys great news” she said with a huge smile on her face

    “What is it?” asked Tom

    “Everyone sit down oh hello who are the two new girls?” she asked

    “Jayne this is Emma my girlfriend i was telling you about” smiled Tom

    “Oh right yes hello love alright” said Jayne, Emma smiled and said hi.

    “This is Alice!” said Nath

    “Hello” said Jayne

    “Nathan’s girlfriend Jayne” said Max

    “Oh you kept that one quiet” said Jayne smiling, Nath went red and smiled

    “Since last night” he said quietly

    “Aww well do you want the big news?” said Jayne

    “YES!” the boys chorused

    “Well your gunna be doing your first tour!” said Jayne, the boys faces dropped, they were speechless

    “U-u-h your serious?” said Siva

    “Yes starts end of March rehersals start in a month boys” said Jayne

    “Bloody hell never saw this day coming!” said Nath leaping up as the boys all hugged Jayne. I got up and gave Jay a massive hug

    “Excited?” i asked him

    “More than excited oh my god” he replied, i laughed.



    “So what do you wanna do today?” asked Tom pulling me onto his lap

    “Uh what do you wanna do Parker?” i asked smiling

    “Well” he said thinking then planted a kiss on me

    “Oh please get a room” said Siva walking in with Ami

    “Haha piss off, you two got your tongues down eachothers throats all the time” said Tom as we got up to go out

    “Oh have a good day” said Ami laughing as we headed out the door. Me and Tom headed to grab something to eat.


    MY POV

    Me and Nath were talking a walk through the park, it started to get dark and we just sat down on the grass talking and getting to know eachother more.

    “So tell me about yourself then” said Nath

    “Not much to tell really lived in Bristol until i was 13 then moved to London for a fresh start. Dad left mum when i was 8 haven’t had much to do with him since he hasn’t bothered with me and Luke” i said

    “Aww my my and dad split up when i was eight” he said hugging me.

    “It’s fine i mean he didn’t do much when him and mum were together anyway on a brighter note what about your life so far?” i asked him

    “Well as you know me mum and dad split up, i have a younger sister called Jessica” said Nath then he told me about the competitions he had done when he was little and i said to him Josie had showed me them a few on youtube. He wasn’t to pleased about that.

    “It was cute” i smiled leaning on him

    “Haha no it’s embarassing a little” he replied

    “It’s still cute” i laughed. It was getting pretty dark now and me and Nath decided it would be best to leave, Nath got up then helped me up we walked down the hill a few steps then Nath slipped down making me laugh, he rolled down the hill.

    “SHIT” he shouted “DON’T LAUGH!”. I walked over to him and i felt Nathan’s hand wrap round my ankle then he pulled me down

    “You twat!” i said

    “Oh bad insult” he said sarcastically then laughed at me and started tickling me

    “Stop it Nath, Nathan don’t” i said rolling around, he kept laughing at me

    STOP IT!” i said then i ended up rolling on top of him

    “Oh hello” he said smiling, then we started kissing but we both pulled away after we heard rustling in the bushes in front of us.

    “What was that?” i said

    “Shit that guy has a camera it’s the paps we need to get outta here”.

    “What if we got caught” i said

    “I don’t know hopefully we didn’t” said Nath. He grabbed my hand and we ran back to mine as Nath dropped me off before heading to his.

    “See you in the morning” i said hugging him.


    To be Continued…...........


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