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    PREVIOUSLY: Scott invited everyone to his 21st on saturday and that day we decided to go bowling and then headed to Nandos for tea later on.


    So Scott’s birthday party was tomorrow and i was gunna ring my dad to see if he would come. We never saw him that often to be honest he didn’t make much of an effort everytime he would promise to be there he would blow you off last minute which upset me especially when it was my 18th a couple of months ago he ruind my evening. Anyway so i garbbed my phone as mum said it would be a good idea as well.

    “Hey dad” i said

    “Hello love you alright?” he asked me

    “Uh yeah a quick question you know it’s Scott’s 21st on saturday” i said

    “Yes go on” he said

    “I was wondering if you would come” i said then i gave him the dteail

    “Sure i’ll be there” he said

    “Promise dad?”

    “I promise well i better go gotta go to work bye” he said

    “Yeah bye”


    “What really?”

    “Yeah i rang him he promised to come” i smiled

    “Aww i love you” he said hugging me

    “Alright Scott thanks” i said sarcastically.




    “Oh i don’t know what to wear?” i said sitting on the bed

    “Well whatever you wear babe you’ll make it look hot!” said Max joining me i blushed a little

    “Aww your so cute” said Max who then  leaned in and kissed me

    “So you gunna help me pick an outfit?” i asked as i pulled away

    “Yeah come on then” he said getting up and i walked over to my wardrobe

    “Megan babe what about the blue one?” asked Max getting it out

    “I dunno i suppose i was thinking my floral one but i think Emma is gunna wear hers” i replied

    “Well wear it then babe you look beautiful in it” said Max putting his arms around my waist

    “Alright well then you ready for tonight?”

    “Yeah bring it on” laughed Max.



    Me and Josie were ready and i was doing my make up in the big mirror downstairs in the hallway, the boys were gunna come to ours then we were gunna head to the party. Alice was already there she went with her mum and Scott about 30 minutes ago. The doorbell went

    JOSIE COULD YOU GET THAT!” i shouted

    “yeah sure i am a lot closer” said Josie sarcastically and ran down the stairs

    “Hello ladies!” said Jay walking in and hugging Josie

    “Hey babe” said Josie

    “Emma!” said Tom wrapping his arms around me

    “Hello” i said turning to face him then we hugged.

    “Alice here?” asked Nathan

    “She went with her mum and Scott earlier don’t worry Nath you’ll see your lover when we get there!” said Max patting him on the back

    “Lover? what you on about were mates!” replied Nath as we walked down the path, we all laughed.

    “Why you asking about her then?” asked Megan

    “I was wondering where she was as she is normally with Josie and Emma” said Nath

    “Yeah i’m sure” said Jay sarastically.


    MY POV

    So everything was set and i was waiting for my dad to turn up and so was Scott. All his mates were there and his girlfriend Olivia. Then Josie, Emma and everyone else walked through the door

    “Hye guys” i said hugging them all

    “Hello you look lovely hun” said Josie

    “Haha thankyou and you all do as well” i replied getting some drinks.

    I went over to see Scott

    “Hey Alice uh wheres Dad?” he asked

    “I was about to ask you the same thing, he hasn;t turned up yet” i said

    “Oh right well he’s probably running late knowing dad” said Scott laughing

    “Haha yeah“  i said getting another drink

    “Hello” said Nathan

    “Hey you alright?” i asked

    “Yeah you?”

    “Yeah i’m good, it’s a good party” he said

    “Yeah i suppose” i smiled.


    It got later and later and my dad still hadn’t turned up so i decided to go outside to ring him. I went out the back slipped away before any one saw as i would of got asked loads of questions otherwise. I picked up my mobile and dialled my dads number.

    “Hello” i said

    “Hello” he replied

    “Uh dad where are you?” i asked

    “Oh about that love i can’t make it” he said my face dropped

    “WHAT!” i replied

    “Yeah something popped up” he said

    “Oh really so you didn’t bother ringing” i said

    “I forgot” he replied

    “You forgot what kinda answer is that how can you forget your sons 21st birthday party you didn’t even send him a card!” i said

    “Sorry” he said

    “It’s not good enough dad you know what i bet your sat on your ass in front of the telly with a beer you didn’t forget you just couldn’t be bothered to come you know what dad i pitty you!” i said

    “Don’t be like that” he said

    “Oh you know what i can’t be bothered with you anymore every special occasions you never turn up NEVER!” i shouted down the phone and hanging up then i leant against the wall and started to cry. God i hated my dad sometimes well in fact most of the time he never gave birthday or christmas present never bothers to ring us we always had to ring him and he didn’t bother coming to see us at all.



    “Uh guys wheres Alice?” asked Nath walking up to the ret of the group who were dancing

    “uh you know what i haven’t seen her in ages” said Emma

    “Yeha no one has, her mum, Scott” replied Nath worried

    “Why don’t you check outside” said Emma

    “Uh yeah might do” said Nath running outside.


    I sat on the wall crying even more when i saw a shadow and someone say “Alice” i ignored them but then they walked up to me.

    “Alice, you okay?” asked Nathan as i looked up to see who it was.

    “Oh my god whats wrong?” he asked hugging me

    “Nothing” i said

    “Yeah doesn’t look like nothing to me” he said standing in front of me.

    “Come on talk to me” he said

    “I r-rang my dad the other day to ask if he was gunna come to Scot’s party he promised he would then 3 hours of the party flew by and he still wasn;t here so i rang him” i said

    “What did he say?” asked Nathan

    “He said something popped up and he forgot to ring in otherwords he is sat on his bloody ass watching telly drinking beer” i replied

    “Aww come here” he said hugging me

    “Every single occasion he never bothers coming even when he does promise no one trusts him anymore and Scott is gunna be devestated” i said crying.

    “Hey it’ll be alright” said Nath wiping the tears away with his thumb and hugging me tighter

    “You think” i said

    “Yeah i’m here for you” he said

    “Thanks Nathan” i smiled we both pulled away from the hug

    “You okay now?” asked Nath lifting my chin up then we just gazed into eachothers eyes and at that moment he leant down and kissed me i kissed him back it felt right.


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