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    PREVIOUSLY: So the day after we all met the boys. Everyone headed to the beach as it seemed like a good idea everyone had a great time getting to know eachother evenmore.


    So a few days had past and at the weekend it was my brothers 21st birthday and his party so i was excited for that. The past few days we had spent with the boys and we got on really well i got on especially well with Nathan i don’t know why we just seemed to have a lot in common and it was easy to talk to him anyway Emma and Tom had got even more closer i walked in on them snogging on the sofa yesturday so yeah they were getting on fine i thought.

    “Scott what do you want for your brithday bro?” i asked wlaking into the kitchen

    “A Porsche or a bentley or a lamborghini will be nice sis” he replied

    “In your dreams mate” i said laughing

    “Well it was worth a try i suppse” he laughed back

    “No seriously Scott” i said

    “I dunno something good” he said

    “Well that really narrows it down thanks” i said going o get the door as i heard a knock. I opened it and everyone was stood there Josie, Emma, Jay, Tom, Nathan, Max, Megan, Siva and Ami.

    “Hi” i said confused on why they were here

    “Hey” said Emma walking in

    “Yes you can just freely walk into my house” i said sarcastically, Nathan laughed.

    “Sorry uh we were bored at the boys” said Josie

    “Right well come in can’t have you stood out there like lemons” i said. We all sat in the front room then Scott walked in.

    “Ooh party or something?” he asked

    “No uh guys this is my brother Scott” i said

    “Alright” said Scott.

    “Hiya” they all said. Scott sat with us and we really eren’t doing much we were just talking. We were just about to leave after we thought of going bowling when Scott stopped us.

    “Uh do you all wanna come to my 21st on Saturday night?” he asked

    “You sure?” replied Max

    “Yeah the more the merrier” he smiled

    “Well thankyou” said Josie.

    “Your brothers cool” said Tom

    “Haha yeah” i laughed walking up in front with Nathan as he was the only one who i could have a norml convosation with at the moment.

    “Saturday should be fun” he said

    “Yeah well just warning you now my brother will be pissed” i said

    “Haha well it’s his birthday” said Nath as we approached bowling.

    “Warning you now my bowling skills are epic” said Nath

    “Yeah i don’t think so what i have heard from Josie” i said laughing

    “What has she said” he asked

    “Uh i don’t think you wanna know” i laughed.



    So we got to Bowling and got are lane and shoes on.

    “Urgh i hate these shows there so ugly” i said “I look like i have clown feet”

    “You make anything look hot babe!” said Siva kissing me i laughed

    “Yeah you think that” i said

    “Guys save it for the bedroom please were out in public” said Tom.

    “Oi Tom, Emma don’t show any sign that your together we don’t want press knowing yet and that goes for you to Jay and Josie!” said Max, the oublic still didn’t know about them yet they were gunna tell them soon i think.

    “Oh but” said Emma

    “Sorry babe” said Tom sighing. So i was up first

    “Just warning you now i cannot bowl to save my life” i said laughing

    “Go on babe !” shouted Siva. I knocked 4 over better than none it thought, then trust Max to get a bloody Strike on the first go

    “You twat!” said Jay

    “Haha jealous much Bird?” asked Max laughing “It’s all in the guns!”. Tom and Emma were trying hard not to show any signs that they were together but they kept getting close so we had to pull them apart as we had to do the same to Jay and Josie.



    So bowling was going pretty well Alice spent alot of time with Nathan they were always laughing, making jokes, being sarcastic like they always were and talking to eachother all the time i swear something was going on.

    “You alright babe?” said Jay pulling me onto his lap

    “Yeah just wondering” i replied

    “About what?” he said

    “Nathan and Alice”

    “Oh rigth yeah they’ll end up together” said Jay

    “You think?” i replied

    “Yeah it’s obvious they get along too well, whenever she’s around, Nathan leaves us and spends the time with her” said Jay

    “True actually” i replied “They’ll be a cute couple”

    “Bless i wonder how long it will be before everyone else realises this to” said Jay.

    “What you guys on about?” asked Megan walking past

    “Alice and Nath” i said

    “Oh yeah there gunna get together it’s obvious everyone can see” she replied

    “Oh it wasn’t just us thinking that” said Jay.

    “The way they just act around eachother and speak i think we have noticed it but they haven’t bless” said Megan

    “Haha yeah” i said.


    “OH SHIT SORRY!” Said Josie jumping up of Jay.

    “Your lucky no paps were aruond or fans!” said Siva shaking his head.



    So after bowling we headed to Nandos for tea.

    “Right Tom, Emma, Jay and Josie i suggest you sit no where near eachother in here!” Said Max

    “Oh no fair when can we tell the fans i haven’t hugged or kissed Josie in 2 hours i’m losing my mind” said Jay

    “Yeah someone needs to fill my heart vacancy” said Josie frowning

    “Haha enough with the puns guys!” Said Max as we sat down. I sat opposite Nath in Nandos, he had that sparkle in his eye like always which made me smile.,

    “You and Nath not getting together anytimne soon then?” said Emma nudging me while the boys went to get us some drinks

    “What?” i said

    “Uh you would make a cute greatr couple” said Emma

    “Haha no,Were just friends” i said

    “Yeah ‘friends’” said Emma laughing “Very close ‘friends’


    To be Cotninued…............


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