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    2nd TW Fanfic

    We Might As Well Be Playing With Lightning

    Part 4

    I was woken up to Jay smiling at me and saying ‘Morning Gorgeous.’
    ‘Hiya… Owwwww!!’ I said, Well more like screamed my head was pounding and I felt like I was going to throw up everywhere.
    ‘Oh My God! Victoria are you alright?’ Jay said glabbing me and pulling me into his chest.
    ‘No. Seriously Jay. I fell so sick and I’ve got the worst headache I’ve ever had!’ I said putting my serious voice on. ‘What happened last night?’ I asked Jay.
    ‘I’m not sure to be honest with you’ Jay said looking worried.
    I got out of bed and legged it into the bathroom.

    JAY’S POV...
    All i could hear was Victoria throwing up everwhere. I did know what had happened last night but I wasn’t going to tell Victoria because I was worried that I’d already upset her enough today and It was only 8:30am!

    Grace got up to go to the toilet and I waited in bed trying to remember what had happened last night..

    10 Minutes Later

    MY POV...
    I came back from the toilet to see Nathan Sykes sat up in my bed staring into space.
    ‘Nathan..’ I said while giggling.
    ‘Yeah.. Sorry, Was in my own world then.’ He said getting out of bed.
    Nathan picked me up and held me in his arms for a couple of minutes then he through me on the bed and started to kiss me.

    I decided to call Grace and see how her night had gone… I picked up my phone and dialled Grace’s number.
    ‘Hello…’ Grace said I heard a lot of giggling in the background then a ‘Shhh.. Nathan seriously. Sorry, Who is it?’
    ‘It’s me, Monica, You alright?’ I said
    ‘Oh, Hiya Monica, Sorry Nathan’s attacking me and yeah I’m very well thanks are you?’ Grace said in a very happy mood by the sounds of things.
    ‘Yeah, I’m alright thanks.’ I said back
    ‘Hi Monica, where’s Tom. It’s Nathan by the way’ Nathan said
    I-I-I.. Don’t know’ I said bursting into tears.
    ‘Monica. Don’t cry. I’m not good with girly stuff, 1 sec tell me just pass you back to Grace’ Nathan said.

    End of Part 4
    dun dun dun, cliff-hanger for yous hehe. Feedback please? xxx

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