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    2nd TW Fanfic

    We Might As Well Be Playing With Lightning

    Part 3

    End Off The School

    SIVA’S POV...
    So I’d just spend the day with 4 beautiful girls, the boys and… Phoebe… Phoebe’s amazing, she’s gorgeous!
    I looked around the room each boy had taken a shine to one girl each. Tom seemed to like them all but ya know what Tom’s like!
    Tom was kissing Monica, Max was chatting Natasha up, Jay was staring at Victoria while she was talking to him, Grace was sat on Nathan’s knee feeding Nathan some random thing and I was talking to Phoebe.

    The day came to a close and unfortunately the boys got told they had to go home.
    ‘Why can’t you just say here with me, Siva?’ I asked Siva crying my eyes out.
    ‘I’m really sorry babe, I promise I will call you tonight though’ Siva said to me holding my chin up and kissing me on my lips. ‘I love you’ Siva whispered to me kissing me again. He let go off my hands.
    ‘I love you too. Promise me that you’ll come and see me on the weekend.’ I replied sniffing as Siva got in the van with the other boys.
    ‘I promise you babe, i love you’ Siva said blowing me a kiss as the van drove away.

    MY POV...
    The van drove away and i began to walk home sniffing because Me and Nathan had not said a proper good-bye because he got dragged away by Big Kev!...
    Suddenly I heard a car horn and then a car stopping behind me. Nathan got out of the car and grabbed my hands.
    ‘Nathan what are you doing?’ I asked me with tears running down my face.
    ‘Don’t cry babe you’ll ruin your beautiful face.’ Nathan said stroking his soft hands across my face.
    ‘I though you didn’t want to see me again because you went without saying good-bye.’ I said starting to cry again.
    ‘I’m so sorry babe, Kev dragged me away and he wouldn’t let me back out the car to see you again because he was worried we’d take to long but he’s letting us stay here for the night if that’s okay with you?!’ Nathan said putting his cap on my head and kissing me.

    I held my phone in my hand it gently resting against my heart as I walked home. With about 10 minutes away from my house It began to rain and I heard someone calling my name from behind me.
    ‘Monica… Monica… MONICA!’ It was a familiar voice calling… suddenly i knew who it was… Tom! I turned around to see Tom running after me.
    ‘Took your time to stop.’ Tom said out of breath
    ‘Sorry’ I said, I felt tears in my eyes but Tom didn’t notice as it was raining.
    ‘Come here you!’ Tom said grabbing me and kissing me very passionately.
    I pulled away.
    ‘Anyway what are you doing back? I thought you had to go home?!’ I asked him with my arms around his neck.
    ‘Oh, Kev said we were aloud to stay with you because we were all really upset that we had to leave you!’ Tom said back
    ‘Come on then, lets get back home… to our home’ I said to Tom.

    The Next Morning

    I woke up to see a beautiful face gazing into my eyes.
    ‘Morning babes, you alright?!’ I said to Grace still half asleep.
    ‘I’m shattered to be honest, are you okay?’ Grace asked to me.
    ‘Yeah, I’m really tired as well, what happened last night? I actually can’t remember. Haha’ I said smiling.
    ‘Well… We got back and my mum was out so i made you a cup of tea and… then… well… you know…’ Grace said to me getting out of bed and going into the bathroom…
    ‘No… I actually don’t. Hahaaa’ I said I was really confused, what did Grace mean by well you know?

    End of Part 3
    Promise yous will all be in the next part sorry I know it’s really boring when It’s just Me :L Hope you like it though :) xx

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