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    PREVIOUSLY: Josie, Alice and Emma went to meet Jay and the rest of his band mates at the local pub, Emma and Alcie seemed to get on well with the boys and Megan and Ami and that night Emma and Tom seemed to be getting pretty close.


    I woke up that morning in my own home i swear i stayed with Josie and Emma last night but then again we all were a little drunk to be honest. i heard a knock on my bedroom door

    “Come in!” i said

    “Morning uh made you a cup of tea” said Scott walking in.

    “Thanks” i said. Scott was a good brother he always looked out for me, always there if i needed someone eventhough he was a little protective. We had always said we would be there for eachother no matter what, he helped through the tough times like when mum and dad got divorced.

    “I better go seeing Olivia later” he said getting up

    “Oh ah i see how it is” i said winking at him. He laughed and left me room. Olivia was his new girlfriend who he met at college so i loved winding him up about him as he got pissed of at me which was holarious to watch.



    “Morning babe” i said as i saw Max sat up in bed watching the telly

    “Morning” he replied kissing my forehead

    “Well Emma and Alice seen nice” i said resting my head on his chest

    “Yeah they seem nice girls and Tom seemed to be very friendly with Emma” he laughed

    “Haha ywah bless the boy may have found love” i laughed

    “You talking about me?” said Tom storming in

    “You and Emma” said Max raising an eyebrow

    “She’s hot!” replied Tom smiling an walking out the room. It was a boiling hot day and after breakfast we all decided on what to do.

    “What about the beach?” asked Siva

    “Yeah i’ll ring Josie” shouted Jay shotting up

    “Oh ask if Emma and Alice wanna come” said Tom. Jay went of to ring Josie while everyone else got ready fo the beach.




    “Hey Josie uh today do you wanna coem to the beach with me, the boys, megan, ami and ask if Emma and Alice wanna come to” said Jay

    “Yeah i’d love to nice day for it and yeah i’ll ask them in a sec what time? i asked

    “We’ll pick you up around 10:30?” asked Jay

    “Yeah sure thanks babe”

    “No problem anything for you bye” said Jay

    “Bye” i said. I threw a pillow at Emma


    “I wanna sleep” she moaned

    TOM WILL BE THERE!” i shouted

    “Ooh look i’m up” she said making me laugh.


    MY POV

    Anyway after dragging myself out of bed and a phonecall from Josie saying we were of to the beach today with everyone i packed a beach bag and chucked on my denim shorts and a blue vest top with my bikini underneath.

    “Where you of to?” asked my mum

    “Of to the beach, meeting at Josie’s and Emma’s see you later mum!” i said slamming the door shut. As i sat down in the fornt room and Josie and Emma’s house the doorbell rang it was Jay, we grabbed are bags and headed towards the van. Everyone was sat in their couples.

    “Emma saved you a space!” smiled Tom

    “Aww thankyou” said Emma sitting in the seat next to Tom. The only seat left was next to Nathan

    “Hello” i said

    “We meet again” smiled Nath. 

    We arrived at the beach, the sun still shining it wasn’t that busy to be honest we found a spot and set are stuff up.

    “Anyone for a game of volleyball first?” asked Max

    “Yeah BOYS VS GIRLS!” shouted Tom smiling

    “No fair!” said Emma. So me and the girls went one side of the net and the boys the other

    “Your going down Boys!” said Ami laughing

    “In your dreams babe” said Siva

    “Not a chance!” said Ami hitting the ball over an scoring us a point.

    “Nice one” said Megan high fiving her. So we played for about 15 minutes and us girls won.

    “And that boys is how you play a game of volleyball” laughed Josie as we sat back down

    “It was a fluke!” shouted Max

    “Rematch!” said Jay

    “Your just jealous cause you boys got beat by girls!” i said laughing.


    We then headed down to the sea it was bloody freezing.

    “Yeah i’m not getting in” said Ami

    “Max if you think i’m getting in you got another thing coming!” said Megan

    “Your a bunch of woses you lot” said Siva shaking his head

    “Come on Josie man up” said Jay

    “I don’t see you getitng in the water anytime soon either Jay” replied Josie

    “Haha yeah i’m getting in now” said Jay

    “Really go on then jump, Jay you wimp” shouted Tom who was already in

    “I’d rather get in slowly”. Josie then pushed him in, we were quite shocked actually

    “Nice one!” said Nath laughing.

    “Oh looks like your coming in with me Josie” said Jay pulling her in. Josie gave out the loudest scream ever.

    “You getting in?” i asked Nath who stood next to me

    “Uh well” said Nath then from no where Max came  behind us both and pushed us both in.


    “Haha serves you right for not getting in first of all then kids” laughed Max

    “You idiot i’m freezing” i said. Everyone was laughing at me and Nath we both got out and headed up towards are stuff to warm up.

    “Well that was uh HELL!” said Nathan

    “I know i’m froze urgh i was determind i wasn’t going in that sea!” i replied. I sat there wrapped in my towel getting dry when everyone else came up as well.

    Later on that day it started to cloud over and i was kinda shivering sat on on my towel. I think Nath saw me shivering and he picked his hoodie up.

    “Put this on” he said handing it to me

    “No i’m fine” i replied

    “Really your shivering like mad there come on put it on” he said

    “Fine“  said pulling it over my head.

    “Warm now?” he asked me, i nodded. We then got back into the van and headed for home well i say home we ended up at the boys house.



    So we invited the girls back to ares for a bit. Well i really jst wanted to get to know Emma well but i ad a feeling Nathan and Alice had something going on, they got on well, Nath gave Alice his jumper or was he just being nice i don’t know but anyway everyone else was in the garden and Emaa walked into the kitchen to grab another drink so i thought this is my chance to speak to her in private.

    “Hey” i sai dwalking into the kitchen

    “Oh hi Tom” she said

    “Uh i’ve been thinking i know i’ve only known you for like 2 days but your a really beautiful girl and i was wondering if you wanna go out sometime?” i asked her

    “U-uh yeah i’d love that” she said smiling, thankgod for that i thought to myself. We hugged and i grabbed her phone from her pocket, she pulled away

    “What you doing?” she asked trying to grab it

    “Trust me” i said laughing

    “Tom give it back” she said, i walked of she chased me

    “Tom, Give it” she said

    “My pleasure“ isaid handing it to her.

    “Oh right thats why you took it” she said smiling, i smiled back. I put my number into her phone she was gunna need it.


    To be Continued….........

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