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    PREVIOUSLY: Max and Zoe took Louis for a stroll in the park and Nathan tried putting a cot up ready for Ruby but pretty muched failed and needed Alice’s halp.



    Louis was getitng bigger and everyone was noticing it he was now nearly 3 months old the boys were back in the studio for the first time in a couple of months so everyone was up earlier than usual that morning.

    “Right Louis you be good for your beautiful mummy yeah” said Max holding Louis

    “See you later Max” said Zoe hugging him then Max handed Louis over to Zoe

    “If you need me just call” said Max

    “We’ll be fine we i got the girls here” said Zoe.


    Me and the girls helped Zoe out with Louis and stuff that needed to be done around the house. We all sat round talking inthe front room

    “So you and Nathan ready?” asked Josie

    “Uh i guess so” i replied

    “It’s just a waiting game now” said Tilly

    “Tell me about it” i said sipping my tea

    “I was like that with this little one he was 1 week late” said Louis smiling at Louis

    “Aww he’s so cute and getting so big before you know it he’ll be chasing girls round and getting drunk” said Tilly laughing

    “Haha he ain’t doing that yet are you mister,” said Zoe tickling Louis, he gave out a little squeal which was the sweetest thing ever.

    “Speaking of drinks it’s time to give Lou a bottle” said Zoe getting up and heading to the kitchen.


    Later on that day me and the girls were all spaced out around the house, i was just watching telly but was a little peckish so took a steady walk out into the kitchen but then i felt a sharp pain in my stomach, i thought of it being nothing and carried on walking but then the most unbearable pain started shooting through me.

    “Alice you okay?” asked Josie walking in

    “No” i said in pain then my waters broke “Oh my god i’ve gone into labour”

    GIRLS GET DOWN HERE, TILLY GRAB YOUR CAR KEYS WERE GOING TO THE HOSPITAL” shouted Josie helping me get into the car

    “I’m gunna have to take Louis” said Zoe

    “Zoe gte in the car!” said Josie.

    “Ring Nathan now!” i said.



    Me and the boys were mucking around in the studio as per usual chucking things around and annoying eachother until my phone started to ring and saw Josie’s number on my screen which doesn’t happen often so i was a little curious on why she would ring especially if we were down the studio.

    “Hello!” i said

    “Nath it’s Alice she has gone into labour you need to get to the hospital now!” said Josie

    “Wait what uh im on my way how she doing?” i said

    “In a lot of pain but she keeps asking for you” said Josie

    “Okay im leaving now!” i said

    BOYS CAR NOW!” i shouted getting my jacket

    “Why we cant just leave!” said Jay

    “Yes we can Alice has gone into labour” i said

    “Oh shit COME ON!” shouted Max.

    “I knew i should of stayed home” i said

    “Mate you didn’t know the baby would decide to just come today” said Tom

    “I know that Tom but she was dead worried about pain and everything and i’m not there!” i replied


    MY POV

    We got to the hospital and Josie was in there with me as only one person was allowed in

    “How long is Nathan gunna be?” i asked taking breaths of gas and air.

    “He’ll be here soon” said Josie

    “Josie im not being funny but if one person is gunna be here at the birth i just want Nathan!” i said crying. Josie left shortly after that i felt mean but i just wanted Nath there with me he promised and he never breaks promises. Then the door burst open and Nathan ran in.

    “NATHAN!” i shouted he ran over and hugged me

    “Im so sorry i wasn’t at home!” he said

    “It’s okay, Nath the pain just gets worse” i said, he kissed my forehead

    “If i could make it stop i would” he replied holding my hand.

    “You can push now!” said the nurse.

    “Fuck sake, Nathan get me pregnant again and i’ll kill you, if you could feel the pain i am going through!” i shouted at him and squeezing his hand

    “Okay” he said laughing

    “I swear to god if you could ever go through this sort of pain i will make you go through it Sykes!” i said

    “Okay go on then” he said calmly

    “your a patronising little shit” i said still squeezing his hand even more tightly

    “OWWWW!” he shouted

    “Okay now just one more push” said the midwife

    “Nath i can’t do it anymore” i said in tears

    “Yes you can Alice just think Ruby will then be here” said Nath kissing my forehead.

    “It’s a little girl”

    Me and Nath both cried

    “So proud of you, love you so much” he said hugging and kissing me.

    “Love you two” i said hugging him back.

    “Here you go, everything is well and she is healthy” said the midwife giving Ruby to me

    “Hello beautiful” i said “Your finally here after hours of pain” i said smiling. Nath stroked her tiny hand

    “She’s just so small” he said smiling

    “Does the new daddy wanna hold his little girl?” i asked

    “Yes!” Nath smiled.

    “Hello princess, you have a lot of people waiting to meet you” said Nath. And at that point wveryone then burst in it was like the scene when Louis was born all over again, louis wasn;t with Zoe or Max, Zoe’s mum came to pick him up.

    “Aww what she called?” asked Tilly

    “Ruby” i said smiling

    “Aww cute name” they all said.

    “Aww Nath you crying mate” asked Tom

    “Maybe but Alice squeezed my hand so hard i think i may need surgery” he said

    “She’s a cutie” said Josie holding her.

    “Nath your gunna have to watch Louis he’ll be chasing her around in years to come” said Jay

    “Haha NO!, Louis can back of my little girl, Max will just have to control the boy” said Nath


    To be Continued…..........


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