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    I’m gonna Lose My Mind

    Part 19

    My POV

    It was nice for Rachael to come round. It was good to have some family back in my life. I’ve missed my family but I am so annoyed at them. Anyway we were talking about jobs. Luckily some for some jobs the interviews aren’t for a few months or so. However some of them had gone and the jobs were took. I wasn’t that bothered. Luckily there’s one job and we were going to ring up as I really wanted to singing job but the interview was tomorrow and with my leg and things I don’t know wether the boss would let me get the job as I couldn’t work and things. So I dialed the number in ym phone and Sam adn Rachael were just chatting quietly.

    “Hello?” I heard some ask.

    “Hello is the manager there?” I asked.

    “Yes he is. Would you like him” They asked.

    “Yes please.” I replied and I heard someone knock on a door and say the phone.

    “Hello?” This mans voice said down the phone.

    “Hello, my name is Monica and I was ringing about the job interview tomorrow.” I told him. There was a pause before he talked again.

    “Yes what about it?” He asked.

    “Well I would really like it but I’ve recently been in an accident and been discharged from hospital and things but I have a broken leg and I wondered wether that would make a difference on the singing job?” I asked. Hoping for the best. There was a really long silence.

    “Well, I guess if you really want the job then try and get down to the restaurant tomorrow and if I think you can sing and so does my assistant and your good you should get the job as you could sit on a stool or something. So come down tomorrow at the right time and for the interview and we’ll see what happens.” He said. I was so happy he seemed like a nice man.

    “Thank you so much, I’ll be down there tomorrow.” I said. I was overjoyed.

    “Ok see you then bye.” He said.

    “Bye.” I said and he hung up. I might get the job if I was good enough. Sam has got an interview as well on Monday. So she has the weekend to prepare where as I only have a night but I’m not bothered that much. The girls were looking at me as I came off the phone.

    “Well?” Sama sked. I was smiling.

    “Well, he said that if I cang et down tomorrow and I’m good we could sort somethign out.” I squealed. Then I realised Rachael was on the phone. “Oh sorry Rachael.” I said.

    “It’s alright it’s only Tom.” She said. “I hear you got the interview tomorrow though?” She asked. I nodded and just let out a scream. I wanted to run around but I was kindda not able to.

    “God damn it. I just wanna run around like amd but I can’t.” I said. Te girls laughed. “Sam help me up a minute. I wanna go out for a bit.” I told her. She walked over to me and helpped me into the wheelchair. I felt so disabled.

    “Where do you want to go?” I asked.

    “I don’t mind just out. The park maybe? Ask the Nathan and Jay if they wanna come too. It’ll be funny.” I told her.

    “I’ll text Jay and you text Nathan.” She said getting her phone out.

    ‘To Nathan

    Heyya chick, wanna go to the park with me and Sam and maybe Jay? :) xxxx’

    ‘From Nathan

    Yeah sure, meet ya outside. :) xxxxx’

    ‘To Nathan

    OK! :D xxxxxx’

    ‘From Nathan

    Is it a game to see who puts the most x’s on the end of the text? :D xxxxxxxx’

    ‘To Nathan

    Maybe, maybe not! XD xxxxxxxxx’

    ‘From Nathan

    Alright but I’ll win see ya in a min :) xxxxxxxxxx’

    I just laguehd and put my phone away. Then me and Sam set out the door. Jay was coming as well.


    End of Part 19

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