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    In some cases, this may be all you need to do to keep your symptoms of Osteoarthritis under control. Exercise If your Osteoarthritis causes you knee pain, hip pain etc. and stiffness, you may think that exercise is not for you. However, exercise is very important for Osteoarthritis treatment. Not only will regular exercise keep you active and mobile, it will help to build up your muscles, which in turn strengthens your joints. Exercise is also good for relieving stress, losing weight, and improving your posture, all of which will ease your symptoms of Osteoarthritis.

    Your doctor should discuss the benefits of regular exercise with you, and will be able to provide you with an exercise plan to follow at home. It is very important that you follow this plan carefully, because the wrong sort of exercise, or carrying out exercises incorrectly, may cause further damage to your joints.

    Your exercise plan is likely to include exercises which improve your flexibility, strength, and fitness.

    Flexibility exercises focus on your range of movement and involve gently stretching your joints to make them more supple. Strengthening exercises will improve your muscle strength and tone. However, the type of exercises that will be recommended for you will depend on which of your joints are affected by Osteoarthritis. Exercises to improve your fitness will raise your heart rate, and improve your stamina, and may include cycling, walking, or swimming.

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