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    Max’s Girlfriend – Monica
    Tom’s Girlfriend – Lucy
    Jay’s Girlfriend – Stevie
    Siva’s Girlfriend – Sasha
    Nathan’s Girlfriend – Me (Grace)
    Max’s Sister – Amna
    Tom’s Sister – Darina
    Jay’s Sister – Ciara
    Siva’s Sister – Hollie
    Nathan’s Sister – Kira

    3rd TW Fanfic

    I’ll Be Your Strength

    Part 17

    MY POV...
    All I could see was the dark blue sky, it was pitched black!
    ‘Where am I? What are you doing with me, what do you want?’ I said as a hand grabbed my mouth and pulled be back against a wall.
    ‘Would you just be quiet or someone will hear you!’ One voice whispered.
    ‘Get off my mouth!’ I just about managed to make out as the hand eased of my face.
    ‘Shut up or I’ll put my hand back on your mouth!’ The voice said.
    ‘What do you want?’ I said. Then I suddenly heard another voice calling my name.
    ‘Grace… Grace… GRACE...’ I heard the voice shouting louder when I suddenly.
    ‘Natha…’ I managed to start saying before the hand quickly grabbed my mouth again.
    ‘Shut up!’ The voice said as I tried to struggle free and get back to Nathan, I tried to call to Nathan again but the hand was too tightly across my mouth.
    ‘Shut up!’ The voice repeated.

    MAX’S POV...
    We’d looked everywhere for Grace, we couldn’t find her anywhere! I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket as I got down on my hands and knees to look under some rubble.
    ‘Hello’ I said standing back up.
    ‘Max, I can hear Grace… She said Nathan.’ Nathan said sounding really out of breathe.
    ‘What? How do you know it’s her? Where are you?’ I asked Nathan.
    ‘I know it’s her, I know her voice! I’m behind the bowling alley, Can you just come please!’ Nathan pleaded.
    ‘Yeah, I’m on my way mate.’ I said walking round the back of the bowling alley.

    End of Part 17

    Sorry it’s short again and a cliff hanger… again ;) xx

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