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    PREVIOUSLY: The boys found out they had got given 10 days off so everyone was off to see there families and later on in the year Jayne organised them a trip to France.



    Well going to see Jays family was always something i looked forward to as they were all so nice and i like going up to Nottingham with him and just spending time with Jay alone and the rest of his family was something i or Jay didn’t do often so when the chance came around we would take it. We got the train up to Nottingham where we were gunna stay for 6 days and just chill.

    “Right and the relaxation perios kicks now!” said Jay as he rang the doorbel to his mums house.

    “Eleanor!” He shouted and giving his sister a huge hug

    “Jay, i have missed you loads!” She said smiling “Just saying again you guys were amazing on tour!”

    “Thanks sis and you gunna say hi to Josie?” he replied

    “Hey” i said

    “Hey Josie, sorry” she said hugging me then we both walked in and Jays mum was stood there and gave us both a massive hug. Jay and i both slumped down on the sofa and Jay switched the telly on.

    “Jay really, you come home to watch telly?” said Tom walking in

    “I’m sorry i have just come back from tour im knackered mate, i will watch telly if i want!” he said putitng his arm aorund me “Anyway what you doing at mums?”

    “Came to se my twin come home!” he said

    “Aww!” i said smiling.


    MY POV

    So after having the suprise of going to Gloucester me and Nath arrived and Nath seemed to settle into relaxation mode pretty quickly. Nath’s mum wasn’t home form work yet so it was just me him and Jess

    “Right im not cooking lunch cant be bothered to make anything so how about we order pizza?” said Nath grabbing the phone.

    “That is the best idea you have had all day!” i said smiling.

    “Nath order me one please!” said Jess. Nath ordered us all pizza and it was here in no time.

    “Jess let us watch telly please!”

    “No, ou cant just come in here and expect me to just give you what you want when you want it!” she replied

    “I haven’t been here for months!” said Nath

    “And you had a telly on tour im guessing!” replied Jess. I just stood there awkwardly while they were fighting.

    “Lets just go upstairs!” said Nath

    “Oh upstairs eh? Don’t let me catch you doing anything!” laughed Jess

    “Shut up Jess, grow up!” said Nath walking upstairs bringing the pizza with him as i followed behind. We sat on the bed ate and watched telly and caught up on everything and there was a lot. We both led down on the bed i looked over and Nathan was asleep. Bless i thought then i heard the door creak open and Karen was stood there.

    “Hey!” she said

    “Hello, Nath’s asleep!” i replied

    “Aww bless” she said walking over

    “You alright love?” she asked

    “Yeah thanks!” i replied.

    “Nathan!” she said shaking him

    “NATH!” i shouted

    “W-W-WHAT?” he said rubbing his eyes and sitting up

    “Oh hey mum!” he said “MUM!” he then realised and gave her a huge hug.

    “Hows my little boy?” she asked

    “I’m good and guess what!”


    ALICE HAS MOVED INTO MY APARTMENT!” he had a huge smile on his face and well so did i

    “Aww bet thats workong out fine” Karen smiled

    “Well it’s only be 2 days mum but yeah it’ll work out!” Nath smiled hugging me.

    “Nathan!” His um said befire walking ou the door


    “Clear this room up it’s a mess, you have only been here 5 minutes, pizza box on the floor, clothes chucked everywhere!” SHE SAID

    “For god sake, i only just got back, pick this up, pick that up nathan!” he said under his breath, i laughed

    “What was that?” his mum said walking back in

    “I love you!” Nath shouted smiling.



    Me and Tom were still on the train to Bolton.

    “These 6 days, you do realise we aint gunna be doing much babe!” Tom said

    “Haha uh i know, but as long as im with you i don’t really care!” i said leaning my head on his shoulder.

    “10 days of freedom, then france in a few months just think about it 2 weeks in the sun all of us, on the beach, in the sea” Tom said

    “The eiffel tower, moulin rouge shows, a nice tan ready for summer in the UK!” i replied smiling

    “Can’t wait, spending time with you and the boys time to just have fun and froget about everything else!” said Tom smiling. We sat just talking everything we could do in France and how amazing it will be just to have fun, chill out with are best mates.


    To be Continued…........

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