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    The reception was coming to an end and evryone was drunk out of their heads, which was funny to watch.

    “Jay what the hell are you doing on the floor?” i asked walking over to him

    “I dunno!” he said, i helped him up

    “Get me another drink babe!” he said

    “Don’t worry about that Josie i got ‘em!” said Tom walking over with two more drinks in his hands and shoving them in mine and Jay’s hands

    “Cheers Parker!” Jay said literally downing the pint

    “Woah steady on bird!” Max laughed. There wasn’t many people left now only close family to Nath and Alice and us basically well it was like 1am. The music was still blaring though so we did continue to dance and make the most out of it, Nath and Alice were just stood in the corner talking ti Nathan’s mum and sister Karen and Jess. We all wondered over to say hi

    “You two of to your hotel soon?” i asked

    “Yeah need sleep, Barbados tomorrow morning!” Nath smiled

    “Haha yeah ‘sleeping’!” Jay laughed “I doubt you’ll get much of that Sykes!”

    “Hahaha Jay shut up!” Nath said, Jay had made it a little awkward seeing as Nathan’s mum and now his dad was stood there.

    “Anyway you two should probably get going!” Emma smiled as the car pulled up outside waiting to take Nath and Alice back to a hotel. We all gathered outside saying are goodbyes for 2 weeks. I must we were all very jealous that they were heading to Barbados without us but it was their honeymoon.

    “Have a great time hun!” i said hugging Alice

    “Bye Josie, im sure we will!” she smiled

    “Nath, bring us back presents!” Tom shouted

    “Pfffft you wish mate!” Nath alaughed as him and Alice got into the car

    “We’ll bring you all back something!” Alice smiled as the door shut and the car pulled away, we waved them off till we couldnt see the car anymore then we all left ourselves.


    MY POV

    “After you!” Nath smiled as he unlocked the door to are lovely hotel room.

    “Ooooh posh in here!” i smiled walking in. I sat on the bed,which was insanely comfy and just thought back to the amazing day that just happened. We talked on the bed for a while then i decided i would put some more comfier clothes on as much as i loved my wedding dress, it wasn’t the comfiest thing to just laze around in. I headed into the bathroom but realised i couldn’t undo my dress at the back

    “OI SYKES!” i shouted walking out the bathroom

    “That isn’t the way to speak to your husband!” he replied looking at me

    “Im sorry, come here please!” i said “Undo me dress!”

    “oh okay!” he smiled. I walked back out of the bedroom five minutes later with my hollister trackies and a vest top while Nath wa sstill led their in his suit. I led next to him

    “Still looking handsome as ever!” i smiled

    “Thankyou, you still manage to look beautiful in trackies and a vest top!” he smiled kissing my forehead. We both sat up and Nath put his arm aorund me

    “I can now go round saying that you are my wife!” Nath smiled

    “And i can now go round and say that Nathan Sykes is my husband!” i replied

    “I cant believe we’re married, it’s mad obviously in a good way!” i said

    “Yeah i know what you mean babe!” Nath said looking me directly in the eyes, i looked back at him and just smiled and looked down. Nath lifted my chin up wiht two fingers,

    “I love you Mrs Sykes!” he said smiling and kissing me passionatly, i pulled away

    “I love you to Nathan!” i replied as we kissed again.


    The morning came, i woke up to Nath staring at me

    “BARBADOS!!” he shouted as i opened my eyes, i just laughed. We woke up late so it was a quick geting ready then straight down to the lobby to catch the taxi to Heathrow. We soon arrived

    “This time tomorrow we could be chilling on the beach, by the pool!” i smiled waiting to get checked in

    “Yes just you and me Al, no one else, two weeks on are own!” Nath smiled back before handing are passports over to the lady at the desk. We soon got to departures and wlked around a bit looking at the shops when we got spotted by two lovely fans who congratulated us both whihc was very sweet but soon enough are plane got called and it was time to say bye to England and hello sunny Barbados.



    “I swear this is the worst headache i have ever had!” i said hugging Tom

    “Gives us a good reason to just chill out on the sofa all day!” Tom smiled

    “And pretend were in Barbados enjoying the sun,led on a beach?” i asked

    “Yes, i’ll go grab some films to watch!” Tom smiled.

    I just remembered the photographer we got for the wedding had a webiste where he uploaded the pictures he took yesturday so i grabbed my laptop eventhough staring at that screen wouldnt help my headache i was excited to see how the picture turnt out. I got the site up and typed in what the photographer told me to.

    “Aww Tom come look at these!” i shouted, Tom walked downstairs with like 10 films in his hands, he put them down and came and sat next to me.

    “Ooooh these have turned out well!” he smiled. The picture were amazing, there were quite a few.

    “Awww that one of all of us is perfect!” i said

    “Oh my god, can we order the photos?” Tom asked, i nodded

    “Can we order that one of me and you, i love it!” Tom smiled “Looking beautiful in that dress!”

    “Aww Tom thankyou!” i smiled

    “Wait how about we order the photos ready for when Alice and Nathan return, let it be a suprise for them!” Tom suggested

    “That is actually an amazing idea Parker!” i smiled hugign him again. Tom went over and put Step Brothers into the DVD player and ordered pizza for lunch

    “Perfect way to spend a day, lazing around on the sofa!” Tom said leaning back.


    To be Continued…..........

    Sorry it’s been ages guys :L been really busy but the parts will be up more often seeing it’s the holidays this week :)




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