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    Precautions during Osteoarthritis

    Following are the precautions which a patient of osteoarthritis should be talking :
    1.Protect your joints and do not give much stress on your joints. Also use assertive devices to make the tasks at home easier. Stay close to your recommended weight. This will help your relieve damaging pressure on your hip as well as you knees.

    2. To lessen pain and increase range of movement and to reduce fatigue make sure you exercise substantially.Ask your doctor or physical therapist of other specially trained health professional about the range of motion exercise that are good of or arthritis.

    3. Orange juice will be good for patients suffering from arthritis which is a good source of folic acid and it also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in women. Include orange juice in your daily diet and drink plenty of it.
    4. Play safe in the sun. Protect yourself when you go out in the sun. Try to avoid the sun if you can but if it is necessary for you to go make sure you wear sunglasses and hat and sun screen. The sun’s harmful rays can leave your arthritis vulnerable

    5.If your overweight and suffer from arthritis as well it can make the condition worse. Lose weight. You will feel better. Being overweight can increase pain in your joints no matter which form of arthritis you have. It can also add to the aggravated osteoarthritis and it can also increase the risk of gout.

    6.Calcium intake should increase. A diet which is rich in minerals can help you decrease your risk of osteoarthritis. Try consuming more milk products like yogurt, cheese, ice cream etc. Other good sources of calcium are broccoli, salmon etc

    7.Take the medicines on time. Make sure you take your medicine just as they are prescribed to you by your doctor.If your mediations are having side effects on you make sure you immediately call up your doctor.

    8.Treat your muscles. If you suffer from osteoarthritis make sure you find a good and a professional muscle therapist who can treat you to a good rub down. The benefits vary from person to person but they include decreases pain and increase circulation energy and flexibility. Besides after the message therapy you will feel good.

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