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    Part 13 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….



    2 months later


    My POV:

    These last 2 months I was hard at work but also with some pleasure that’s right me and Nath were still going out he bought me a charm braclet to mark our one month anniversary he said he would add a charm each month. I still haven’t told my parent as I didn’t know how they would react. Me and Nath still weren’t public witch was annoying as we couldn’t hold hand walking down the street. Anyway today was the day me and the girlies we moving to London they were all coming to mine as it was the closest to London and my dad was moving everyone’s stuff to London. I loved my dad he was so helpful when it came to these things. There was a knock at the door it was Alannah. I screamed as I haven’t seen her in 2 months. My dad moved all of Chloe’s stuff 1st as she lived the furthest away. We didn’t have to pack that much stuff as my album is due to be released tomorrow and I’m getting paid a lot of money. My single has already been released it’s called ‘Midnight’ I loved the beat in it. I had some help write this one.




    Everyone had arrived so we climbed into the van. But I had a surprise for them I opened the van and there sat all of TW. The girls screamed and sat next to there boyfriends mine and Nath’s relationship was more calm as we were always seeing each other with all the work I was doing in London. We set off to Nath’s flat that’s right Nath’s flat as it was only round the corner from ours.


    Ellie’s POV:

    Me and Siva felt pretty awkward as we were meeting in secret because we couldn’t stay away from each other for 2 months we just couldn’t. We arrived at Nath’s flat and we all planned to spend the night there as we had no furniture at the moment we were going furniture shopping tomorrow. We just sat there watching some films for the whole day. Sam was the first to fall asleep. Bless her she always got picked on for being the youngest but she didn’t mind being called baby Sam. Me and Siva were all cuddled up and then I was the next to fall asleep.

    Alannah’s POV:

    Me and Tom were so much a like we stayed up for ages but then we cuddle up and feel asleep I felt him kiss my forehead.


    End Of Part 13


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