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    Part 12 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….




    My POV:

    I woke up in Nathan’s arms I felt really safe there. He was still sleeping bless him so I replaced me with a pillow. I went to go pack. Then Nathan woke up and noticed he was cuddling a pillow he knew it was a joke so he came and ticked me. I’m so ticklish I screamed and woke everyone up I felt really bad but everyone just laughed so I carried on packing.


    So I finished packing so I got changed. In the space of all that time Alannah got changed so I agreed to pack her bag. Even though I was baby Sam I was also like a mum to my girlies I’ll do anything for them.


    Alannah’s POV:

    I heard Sam scream it was so loud it woke me up I look at the dining table and saw Nath tickling her. Her loud scream woke everyone up. When we saw Nath tickling her we just laughed. She just carried on packing I was really comfy in Tom’s arm but I needed to get changed. So I got up got my clothes and got changed. I walked out the bathroom. Sam walked past me with her clothes. She was a really fast packer. She walked out the bathroom grabbed my bag and started packing it.


    Nathan’s POV:

    Sam made me hug a pillow I needed payback I didn’t know if she was ticklish or not but it was worth a try. I tickled her and she scream witch woke everyone up. That was good revenge. She carried on packing got changed then packed Alannah’s bag. She was a really kind girl and wanted to help everyone. She had to go home today I was really upset about it but she was moving into the new flat in January. I knew she would always be inLondonthough because of work and stuff so she might pop in to my flat. Well I hope we decided to keep our relationship a secret where as Tom and Alannah were planning to tell the fans. Good move or bad move? Anyway I hadn’t hugged or kissed Sam all day so I walked over to her and hugged her but put my hands in her back pockets I leaned into kiss her, our lips touched and I was in heaven. We sort of got interrupted by SOMEONE (Jay!) She proper blushed and looked at the ground. I lifted her head up and kissed her one last time. She smiled. The guys haven’t been off there phones since we lefted Sam’s house to be honest I don’t blame them I would have done the same. It was now time for Sam to go home. I kissed her goodbye but I was happy I would be seeing her soon.


    My POV:

    So it was time for me to go home me and Nath kissed goodbye before I walked out the door with my really heavy bag. Alannah kissed Tom goodbye she even started to cry because she knew she weren’t gunna be able to see Tom till January when we moved in our new flat. We walked out the door down the stairs and climbed into the van.




    We arrived at my house where Alannah was getting picked up. Jayne drove off and then I heard a beep on a horn it was Alannah’s mum. I said my goodbyes and said I’ll see her soon. I collapsed on the sofa and fell asleep.


    End Of Part 12

    I’m skipping a couple of months so I can mention everyone


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