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    Part 11 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….



    My POV:

    I had really bad butterflies in my tummy. I didn’t want to mess anything up. I walked out of the bathroom and there Nath stood in a suit. He asked me if I was ready to go I nodded. We got in the car and Max was going to be like the taxi service tonight he dropped off Tom and Alannah and picking them up later and the same with us. Nath could tell I was really nervous. So he held my hand and said ‘there’s no need to be nervous’ I took his word for it. Me and Nath climbed out of the car I sorted out my dress and held his hand. We walked in and I saw the was a fan and I didn’t think Nath would want to go public already so I quickly released his hand and stood behind him the girl noticed Nathan and came up to him and Nathan spent 2 minuets with girl as he said he had to go. We walked over to the table in the corner so we weren’t disturbed by any other fans. Me and Nath had a great night out.


    Alannah’s POV:

    So me and Tom lefted the flat. Max drove us to the restaurant. Me and Tom sat by the window as we didn’t worry about fans because it was an adults only restaurant. Me and Tom had a great time. I weren’t too nervous about tonight but I know Sam was she didn’t want to mess anything up. I knew she wouldn’t because she was really kind and caring. Our date was nearly over but to top everything of me and Tom walked outside he told me how he had a great night and wanted to be my boyfriend I agreed to having a good night and I was really happy Tom asked me to be his girlfriend he ran his fingers through my perfectly curled hair and went into kiss me. Our lips meet I felt like I was in a movie. We saw Max turn up so we walked over to the car and got in. Max drove us to the restaurant Sam and Nath were at we saw Sam and Nath holding hand we gathered Nath asked Sam the same question Tom had asked me. They got in the car and didn’t say a word. They must have felt really awkward. We then arrived back at Tom’s flat. We walked up the stairs and walked into his flat everyone was staring at us. I felt really awkward I told Tom I was going to get into my Pj’s I think Sam told Nath exactly the same as she got her Pj’s and got changed. Everyone was shattered. So we all fell asleep. But what I fount sweet was Sam and Nath cuddled up to each other before going to sleep.


    End Of Part 11


    Really sorry I haven’t been mentioning everyone just finding a place to put everyone in.


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