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    Part 10 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….



    My POV:

    I tried to get back to sleep but I really couldn’t so I got up and looked at the flat yes pile. I knew we made all the right choices. The other girles would love them. Last night I texted all of them ‘got a yes pile for flats viewing them tomorrow I’ll know you’ll love them!’ I didn’t get any replies as it was11pm. I went on twitter for ages as it was5am. Then Nath’s phone vibrated witch woke him up. He noticed I lefted the chair so he turned his head and I smiled. He looked at his phone.


    Nathan’s POV:

    My phone went off. It woke me up. I noticed Sam weren’t next to me so I looked at the dining table. She smiled witch I knew meant ‘Morning’. Anyway I looked at my phone it was from Chloe I opened it knowing what she was going to say. It read ‘Morning Nath, talking to Sam guessing you still haven’t asked her!’ I replied ‘No I haven’t it’s trying to find the right time’




    My POV:

    Everyone was awake but Tom so I went and kicked him in the stomach. He woke up and went ‘first a fucking nose bleed now this I reporting abuse.’ I weren’t in the mood for a joke so I said ‘just get up!’ we all got a shower as soon as we woke up so Tom just needed to get a shower. Nath kept getting texts every 5 minuets I said ‘you not telling us something farm boy!’ he laughed and said ‘no!’ So Tom got out the shower and he had his towel wrapped round his bottom half. Alannah whistled he laughed done a cheeky smile then went and got changed. It was now9amand we were ready to leave. We went to this modern sort of flat round the corner from Nath. We walked in and it was so nice I took pictured for the girls and sent them in a message I done this all day me and Alannah dibs bedrooms as you do. I wanted to be at the bottom as it was the biggest room. Alannah agreed for me to have that room. She wanted the bedroom at the top because it had a nice view of the city. We both agreed on that.




    We looked at every flat but me, Alannah and the guys all agreed the first house was the best. Well when I say all the houses I mean there was one left but we all decided to walk to this one as it was only a minuet walk. Me and Nathan were talking witch slowed us down he then held my hand and stop. He hugged me and asked me out on a date tonight. I agreed with a smile on my face he kissed my cheek and we carried on walking. We were now about 5 minuets behind the others but it was all worth it. We walked in and the guys looked at us. I could tell this flat wasn’t going to be as good as the first one. Me and Alannah agreed on the first flat. We told the others and they were really please we came to a decision as we could never seem to do that. It was now4pmI had finished Alannah’s make up and hair so she got changed. I needed to get ready now I quickly put on a little make up and done my hair and got changed. I was ready at5:30I think that was the quickest I’ve ever got ready for a date.


    End Of Part 10

    Sorry I know it’s long.


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