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    Part 8 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….




    My POV:

    So it was Saturday me and the guys had to get toLondonto do a duet I was really excited. Last night there was a lot of love going around Lottie and Max’s first date. Siva asking out Ellie. Evie and Jay getting cosy. Tom being a prick (as usual) jokes loved him really well Alannah defiantly did this morning was sweet though Tom handed her, her breakfast kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear me, you date tomorrow night. She looked into his eyes and smiled I stood there going aww. So yes there were some loners me, Nath, Chloe and Erin. I was laying on Nath last night because he was really comfy. We got ready to hitLondonand all the girls but Alannah were going home today. Alannah was comingLondontoday plus we were looking at flats inLondonfor me, her and the rest of the girls. Well Chloe always calls me baby Sam because I’m always the youngest in a convo. The guys agreed to help me as they knew the area more than we did. But first I had to pack as I know me and Alannah were staying at Tom’s well so was all the guys but still. We had to pack for 2 days. At this moment in time (9am) Tom was planning his and Alannah’s date witch I thought was really sweet. ‘The Crazy Cats’ moved out Tom’s flat yesterday as him and Kelsey broke up. Lottie thanked me many of times for doing her hair and make up but my reply was ‘Max would have liked you if you went dressed in a black bag.’ She smiled and hugged me. Max once again took Lottie by the hand and said I don’t know if I’m moving too fast but I loved last night and I would love you to be my girlfriend. She smiled. So love was in the air for everyone bit awkward though. For some reason Chloe kept looking at me while talking to Nath I was really confused but I just left it. I finished packing and Alannah was taking forever so I took over. We were all packed and ready to go at10amso everyone had left by this time. So me and Alannah dragging our bags down the stairs. I was stronger than Alannah but not by much she was so struggling though. Nath offered to carry my bag to the car I gave him a hug and said thanks me and Alannah ran over to the van and climbed in.


    Alannah’s POV:

    WOW! That bag was heavy. Anyway this morning Tom asked me out on a date. I was really excited and asked Sam to help me get ready as what happened to Lottie last night she was beautiful. So we were on our way toLondonmine and Tom’s hands were locked and we felt pretty awkward the guys were just having a laugh Sam was singing along to the music.




    We arrived at the studio Sam was at the other day. We got out the van and walked inside. This place was so beautiful. Sam ran over to the tea machine what a guess. Nath slowly followed her. She turned round and he said ‘not again’ she laughed.


    End Of Part 8


    Sorry if you haven’t got a POV it’s really hard to fit you all in!

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