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    PREVIOUSLY: Everyone was excited about emma coming home, she had finally got on the plane back to England.



    It was time, time to levae to go and meet Emma at the airport, everyone was buzzing especially me, Josie and Alice. Today had dragged like mad but finally 4pm came, the time we were leaving to get to Heathrow ready to meet Emma at 6pm of her flight.

    “Woah Tom calm it buddy, your like a kid a christmas!” said Siva

    “Sorry it’s just, just Emma i can;t wait to see her!” i said with a huge smile on my face.

    “Kev drive faster!” i said

    “Tom piss off and shut up, she doesn’t get off till 6 and it’s only 4.15!” Kev replied.


    About and hour later we were finally here! We stopped of at burger king to grab some tea as we were all starving then we got sotted by this fan. Bless she was only about 9 and she loved Jay, she nearly pounced on him it was funny.

    “Jay is that your new love?” i asked as we walked of laughing

    “Haha she was a cutie though!” he replied

    “She can piss off, he’s mine!” said Josie butting in

    “Haha alright don’t get protective she was only 9 not like im gunna get of with her is it!” said Jay, we burst out laughing

    “Yeah i hope you don’t you’l be classed as a perv!” laughed Max.

    “Alright enough about me and a 9 year old!” said Jay laughing.

    So we sat down and waited and waited.

    “Tom she isn’t due back till 6 mate you got 5 minutes yet!” said Nath with Alice sat on his lap.

    “I know” i replied. Six o’clock came around, aloud of people walked out from there flight but there was no Emma.

    “Where is she?” asked Alice

    “Babe it’s 6.15 she is probably still getting sorted out” replied Nath. Alice wasn’t the only one getting worried, why hasn;t she came through, hundreds of people walked through with suitcases about 5 minutes ago but no Emma or her any sign of her at all.

    It came to 7 o’clock.

    “Guys where is she she was meant to be here an hour ago!” i said standing up and walking about.



    Where the hell was that girl! Theres late then there being proper late. We were all panicing like hell.

    “Babe she’ll be here, maybe her flight got delayed?” said Nath

    “But what if…..” i said. Then a load of people started flowing out again, everyone had there eyes set looking for Emma. Then a familar girl came out of the crowd with her parents. Tom was stood with his face towards us panicing more than ever. The walking towards us it was Emma! She told put her finger to her mouth in order for us to be quiet so she could scare Tom. I tried acting normal but started smiling.

    “What?” asked Tom. The “BOO” shouted Emma hugging him from behind. Tom jumped a mile

    “EMMA!” he shouted, then they started kissing.

    “Uh hello?” me and Josie said running to her

    “Sorry” she replied laughing and hugged us both.

    “you do not understand how much we have missed you!” i shouted

    “Same life actually wasn;t the same without all of you, i was so bored!” she replied.

    WHY WERE YOU SO LATE!” said Tom

    “Sorry the plane got caught up and that and obviously you can’t use phones and that so i couldn’t tell you and, and!” Tom leaned in and kissed her again, they both pulled away

    “Awww” i said to Josie

    “Don’t worry your back now, thats all i care about” said Tom



    My mum and dad left me and said i could go back with Tom and the rest of em.

    “So you moving back in?” asked Josie as we all climbed back into the van to head ack.

    “Uh no i think im gunna get my own place” i replied acting all serious

    “What?” asked Alice edging forward

    “Im kidding guys, chill im not getting my own place!” i replied laughing

    “Haha she got you there!” laughed Nath putting his arm aorund Alice who was sat opposite me and Tom.

    “Pfft no i was just playing along!” she replied

    “Yeah that was it!” said Tom laughing “You know tonight you could always stay at ares!” Tom

    “Oh right might take that offer!” i said winking at him, then we kissed again

    “Guys please we are in a van!” said Siva

    So life in England hadn’t changed one bit, everyone was the same smiley people and still banter was going on between everyone. It was good to be back to be honest now it seemed i never went away.


    To be Continued….......

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