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    TWSupportersxXx (Nicole – Nath’s GF)</p> <p>_alicethewanted (Alice – Siva’s GF)

    TWunoffical (Abbie – Tom’s GF)</p> <p>Jayde_GMD3TWx (Jayde – Max’s GF)


    Glad You Came…


    Part 1:


    My POV:

    WOW! It’s boiling here inIbiza. Hi my name’s Samantha please call me Sam. I’m in a band called ‘Untouchable’ I made up the name and it has a lot of meaning to it. I’m the youngest…just about. Basically Nicole’s about a week older than me. Were inIbizajust having a girly holiday and it was mine and Nicole’s birthday treat from management. Right now me and the girls are sun bathing by the pool. I was suddenly covered by shade. I opened my eyes to find all the girls round my sun bathing bed. They all picked me up and ran over to the pool with me. They through me in the pool. I heard some guys laughing as soon as I reached the surface I turned round to see 5 guys in stitches. ‘Um guys got a problem’ they all recognised my voice and looked up with shocked faces. ‘Nahh just was quite funny’ said aBoltonguy. ‘Well see ya I need to go beat up the girls for them birthday beats’ I turned round and I heard all of them say ‘see ya’ I swam over to the side of the pool. Nicole through over my trunks. I slid them on and got out of the pool. I all the girls were in the bushes so I casually walked past them and then walked round the back of them. I grabbed Abbie and ran over to the pool. She was always a weaken I through her in the pool. The turned round to see that Nicole gave up and was back to sun bathing. So I picked her up and through her in the pool. I saw Jayde by the bar so I snuck up behind her and through her in the pool. I couldn’t findAlicetill I saw her with the boys I saw in the pool. I ran up behind her and push her in the pool. The girls came up to the side with angry looking faces. I laughed and dived in. I swam back over to the girls and climbed on Nicole’s shoulders. She laughed and just stood there.Aliceclimbed on Jayde’s shoulders so we started to have a war. She pushed me off and I fell back into the water. I turned round to see the paps. I let out a loud sigh. I felt hands wrap round my legs. I looked down and saw 2 boys by my legs. I bent down and grabbed there hair and pulled it. They quickly swam up to the surface. They had the hands on the head where I just pulled there hair. I laughed and swam over to the other girls. I saw them with the boys from earlier. I walked over to them and I felt the need to ask them what’s happening tonight as I didn’t have a clue. ‘Guys what are we actually doing tonight?’ they chorus ‘it’s a surprise’ I moaned at them but I got bored and ended up going for a walk. I walked through the gates of the hotel and down to the beach. I don’t care if the paps were following me. I reached the beach and just walked on the sand. I turned round to find all the guys from earlier messing around in the sea. I walked into the sea and swam over to where they were all messing around. ‘Thought you guys were with the girls’ ‘we were but they went to find you’ ‘ohh well as I’m talking to you guys what’s your names?’ the bald one replied with ‘I’m Max’ the Bolton guy replied with ‘I’m Tom’ a really tall Irish guy replied with ‘I’m Siva’ a short farmer guy replied with ‘I’m Nathan but call me Nath’ then Tom decided to but in and say ‘Smooth Nath smooth’ I let out a little laugh and then a curly, blue eyed guy replied with ‘I’m Jay’. ‘nice to meet ya guys. You guys look REALLY familiar ain’t you in a band together….The Wanted?’ ‘WOW! You know us?’ ‘Yeahh I love your music its amazing’ ‘haha thanks’ ‘no problem. Right I need to get back to the hotel cause I look a mess after being thrown in a pool so see ya guys back at the hotel’ I turned round to hear a chorus of see ya’s. I walked back to the hotel and up to my room. I got into the shower and then got changed into some casual clothes. I got a text through on my phone. I looked at it, it read

    Unknown number:

    hiyaa its Jay the girls gave us guys allurno.s wondering would u like to meet me by the bar in 10? Jx

    To Jaybird <3:

    hiyaa yeahh sure I’ll be there in a sec. Sx

    From Jaybird <3:

    Okayy I’ll be waiting aha Jx

    I didn’t bother replying I just grabbed my bag and started to walk down stairs. I reached the doors of the hotel and I saw Jay sat at the bar. I walked straight over to him. I tapped him on the shoulder. He turned round ‘hiyaa’ he greeted. ‘hey’ I let out a little laugh. I sat down next to him and got a coke. Jay gave me a really confused before saying ‘So you turn 18 today and your not drinking’ I laughed ‘Nahh not till later cause I promised the girls’ he laughed ‘So wanna go for a walk?’ ‘Yeah’ we got up and just walked round for a bit. ‘So where did the guys bugger off to?’ ‘Umm I don’t actually know aha’ ‘Shit’ ‘What?’ ‘The paps are here once again’ ‘Don’t worry about them’ after that we just got to know each other more. I fount out he came fromNottinghamfrom a big family. He still don’t know nothing about my past. What can I say? I have trust issues.


    Abbie’s POV:

    Were now walking back to the hotel after looking for Sam for forever. We walked through the gates to see Jay and Sam laughing and talking on the bench. Bless her. Me and the rest of the girls went and hid in the bush behind them. ‘So tell me about your past?’ no way did he just go there. ‘Umm I was born inLondon. Moved toMilton Keyneswhen I was 4 months old and just took my life one step at a time’ ‘What do you mean?’ shit ‘Can I tell you at a later date? I just want to forget about it especially today’ ‘Yeahh sure’ I grabbed my phone and texted Sam

    To Sam:

    Oi bitch I see you with Jay and so do the other girls. In fact we also hear you. Get your arse up to your room and get ready for tonight Absx

    I heard Sam’s phone ring. She looked at it and looked straight in our direction ‘When you guys coming out of that bush?’Alicereplied with ‘NEVER!’ but we all got out and Sam said bye to Jay. She gave him a hug witch is pretty big for Sam. Bless her she has trust issues.


    End Of Part 1


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