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    Aston POV

    I can’t believe it I am totally panicking right now but I’m trying not to show it so that it doesn’t worry Emma but at the same time I am so excited in a couple of hours I’m going to be a Daddy. We finally decided on some names on tour depending on what the sex of the babies are which is one less stress to worry about. I feel so bad Emma looks in so much pain she keeps crushing my  hand I am holding on as much as I can but I can’t do anything for her she has said she wants a natural birth with no drugs and she says no matter what she says during labour she doesn’t want anything.

    Emma POV

    I am in so much pain right about now but I am not having any drugs …. Nothing. I am so excited to see our babies now just want this labour to be over with so I can go and have my perfect family. As soon as we got to the hospital I went into the delivery room straight away as I was already enough centimetres dilated. I can’t really remember the labour I can remember screaming in pain then screaming as our first child came out then being in a couple more minutes pain then our second child coming out.

    ‘You did it babe’ Aston said kissing Emma on her forehead as the midwife brought their babies over and Emma holding one in each arm. They had one boy and one girl just like Aston wanted thinking this as the tears were rolling down Emma’s face, ‘looks like you got what you wanted.’ Emma looked up to Aston and saw him crying Emma just smiled looking at him then looking back at their son and daughter. ‘I’m so proud of you babe I knew you could do this I don’t think anything could get any more perfect now we have our own prefect little family.’ The midwife then interrupted them, ‘Excuse don’t mean to ruin your moment but do we know any names for the babies yet?’ ‘Ermmm’ Emma looked at Aston who nodded his head, ‘You sure babe?’ Emma asked, ‘Yeah we have thank you, Ella-Louise Merrygold and Patrick Merrygold’ Aston replied not even moving his eyes from his perfect family. ‘Very well now we are going to wheel you back to the ward now so that you can rest.’

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