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So the wedding was around 2 months away now. Everyone has dresses and suits but the boys havent seen us girls in are dresses and we haven’t seen the boys in are suits as we thought it would be a ncie suprise on the day. Nath had picked Max to be bestman and Jay for back up if Max was drunk. But Max wasn’t sure what to talk about at first.

“Meg, i need to write a speech for the wedding but i dont know how to start!” Max said sitting down next to me

“A good memory or something i dunno?” i replied

“This is so much harder than i thought it would be!” Max said leaning back on the sofa

“Babe, instead of wiritn ga speech why dont you just say it from the heart on the day?” i asked “Most people do that”

“You know what that actualy sounds better, i probably would of just ditched the written one anyway!” Max repleid leaning his head on my shoulder

“Lets just hope your mind doesn’t go blank!” i laughed

“Thanks for a confidence boost babe!” Max said looking at me laughing as well.

“Your welcome!” i smiled “You’ll do fine, you great at speaking in front of people!”

“Do i terrosrise Nath or be nice?” Max smiled

“Bit of both?” i replied

“He’ll kill me if i just terrorise him the whole way through it, i have to be nice to him it’s his wedding day but i still have to make people laugh!” Max said.



The wedding was approaching fairly quickly so me and Nath were on the laptop sorting out the honeymoon, there were a few places we loved the look of, i couldnt wait to get married and go away somewhere nice for 2 weeks.

“So how about Barbados or California, some place like that?” Nath said, i looked at him

“Really, you know i’m happy with Cyprus or something!” i laughed

“I’m serious, i mean you dont get to go on a honeymoon everyday we may aswell go some place special!” Nath smiled taking the laptop of me and typing in places in Barbados to go.

“Look at this one!” he said handing me the laptop back

“Woah, uh thats amazing, look at the pool, the rooms, the beach!” i started listing everything

“Haha, i knew you’d like it!” Nath said laughing, “Perfect?”, i nodded

“Everything is perfect about it!” i smiled, Nath kissed my forhead

“Shall i book it?” Nath asked

“So we definitely wanna go here yeah?” i asked Nath

“If you want to as well yeah!” Nath smiled, i nodded

“I’ll go book 2 weeks to Barbados then missy!” Nath said taking the latop form me once again

“You do that Sykes!” i smiled getting up.

“Just think in 2 months we’ll be in Barbados and we’ll be married!” Nath shouted.



Later on we were all going to meet up for a meal since we hadnt seen eachother for a few days as the boys have got some time of plus we all wanted to check out this new restaurant in town.

“JOSIE!” Jay shouted

“In the kitchen babe!” i replied, he walked in

“Just got of the phone with Tom and he said to go round his and Emma’s at 7 and we’ll go together as they ordered a taxi and have spare seats!” Jay said sitting down at the table.

“Yeah thats fine babe!” i said making a cup of tea and handing one to Jay.

“Cheers babe!” he smiled “So i was thinking about something!”

“Yes and what was that bird?” i asked

“Well, i was thinking about making Tia’s tank bigger!” he replied.

“Really? I thought you were going to ask me something important!” i replied shaking my head

“Hey Tia is important and i was asking you cause if we might have to move some stuff from the bedroom, or move things over so we can make the tank bigger!” Jay replied

“Jay it’s your lizard, do what you want with it!” i said, he started laughing

“Oh my god, your dirty minded little…...” i said

“Sorry, soeone had to take it the wrong way!” Jay said laughing.

“Right yes you can make Tia’s tank bigger, i’m sure she’d love it!” i smiled.



“TOM!” i shouted from the bedroom

“YES?” he shouted back


OKAY, HURRY UP WE GOTTA LEAVE IN 15 MINUTES!” he replied back. I heard Josie, Jay and Tom talking downstairs, so i hurried with straightening my hair and headed downstairs.

“Decided to show your face?” Jay laughed

“Haha very funny Jay, we ready?” i asked

“Good timing taxi just pulled up!” Tom said hurryig us all out the door and all four of us climbed intot he taxi. We arrived at the restaurant and saw everyone else stood outside waiting.

“Alrigth peeps!” Tom smiled taken my hand as we walked intot he restaurant, it looked very new and pretty modern inside. We sat at pretty big table seeing as there was 10 of us.

“Nice to be altogetehr again!” smiled Seev as we orderd drinks. We all caught up on gossip that we missed the last 3 days.

“Oh my god, guys looked who is sat over there!” Tom said, we all looked to a table to are right,

“IT’S JAYNE!” Nath called

“Oh my god boys, lets go over and pretend were like huge fans, like we did in the airport that time, just to piss her off!” Jay laughed.

“Oh god this should be funny!” i said to the girls. The boys walked over


“Oh god you lot are here!” we heard her say


WERE REALLY BIG FANS!” Max replied. Me and the girls were in hysterics and everyone in the restaurant had stopped what they were doing, even the waitors and were looking at the boys and Jayne.

“Guys go away, your embarassing!” Jayne said

JAYNE WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” Nathan said walking back.

“Very subtle guys!” i laughed

“I’m gunna kill you lot!” Jayne said walking past are table.

“That was fun!” Tom laughed. Jayne walked past about 5 minutes later

“WE LOVE YOU JAYNE!” the boys shouted one more time, Jayne looked pissed of but she ended up laughing.


To be Continued…..............



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