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    MY POV

    The boys had been gone for a week now and a very long week it was. Tonight me and the girls thought it would be good to have a girls night out as we hadnt had one of them in ages. The wedding was just 3 months and 2 weeks away, it was approaching fast and me and Nath really needed to sort everything out when he gets back from America.

    I grabbed my laptop and looked up a few places where we could have the wedding reception afterwards. I looked up one which was huge and was very posh, looked expensive but the second one i saw was really nice and modern and might have been more up what me and Nath were looking for. It was 2pm and i was waiting for Nath to pop up on Sykes, then he did so i accepted and his beautiful face opped up on my laptop.

    “Hey babe!” he smiled

    “Hey, nice to see you made an effort!” i laughed. He was in trackies, a cap and a white t-shirt

    “Haha sorry, you look lovely though!” he said “You alright?”

    “Yeah missing you!” i said

    “Me too, one week left!” Nath replied. “What you been doing then today?”

    “Well i was just looking up some wedding reception places and me and the girls are going out tonight!” i smiled.

    “Ooh any nice ons?” he asked

    “Thers this really nice modern one, pretty big!”

    “Look forward to seeing it, wait you going out without me?” he asked, i nodded and laughed

    “Sorry but what do you expect us to do sit in side and be bored waiting for you all to arrive home?” i asked

    “Well yeah!” Nath said, hen he stated laughing “Course not, have fun but not too much fun!”

    “Right okay!” i laughed. We were talking for a good half an hour but then he had to go and get ready.

    “Right Al, see you next saturday babe, thinking about you all the time, love you!” he smiled

    “Thinking about you to flyboy, love you loads!” i smiled then Big Kev came along and shut Naths laptop off. I walked of to pick an outfit out for tonight before booking to take a look at the wedding reception places as Nath told me to, he said he trusted me.

    In the end i decided to pick out my blue high waisted shorts and this really nice top i bought fro topshop the other day with my pale coloured heels.



    It was 7pm so i was doing my hair and make up ready for the girls who were all coming to mine first before we hit the town. I wore my black shortish dress and wore my nice heels Jay bought me back in France as they did go with pretty much anything. About 10 minutes ;later i was ready and the door went. So i made my way dowstairs to answer it. Alice, Emma, Megan and Ami were all there.

    “Girls!” i smiled hugging them all as they walked past.

    “Ready to party?” Meg asked, we all nodded

    “I’ll just get my coat!” i said as it was freezing outside. We started walking to the nearest club which was like 15 minutes away.

    “Oh my god it’s freezing!” Alice said

    “Well you are wearing shorts with no tights!” laughed Ami

    “I know, bad choice!” she replied laughing. We got to the club and walked in, there were a lot of people there already.

    “Em, come with me to get soem drinks!” i said as the rest sat down for a bit. We were stood at the bar waiting to be served when this bloke came over to us he looked about are age.

    “Alright ladies!” he smiled, we looked at him

    “Go away!” Emma said, i just laughed

    “We have boyfriends!” Emma then said

    “No, i was just saying your dating boys for that band!” he said

    “The Wanted is there name!” i said picking up the tray of drinks

    “Yeah, lucky boys they are dating you two!” he winked

    “Yes they are now bye!, walk away” Emma said as we headed back over to Alice, Ami and Megan.



    Josie and Emma told us about some bloke who started talking ot them at the bar but Emma basically told him to go away, which made us all laugh. We had drank about 2 bottles by now so we headed to the dancefloor and all started raving together, having a good time.

    “Oh my god it’s that man from earlier, quick go to the otherside of the club!” Josie said as we walked away discretely. The area we moved to wasnt as busy which was good. Then Glad You Came stated

    “OH MY GOD!” i screamed, we all started singing at the top of are voices, getting a few funny looks.

    “IF ONLY THE BOYS WERE HERE!!” smiled Ami

    “They’d be happy if we told them the song even came on in the club anyway!” i replied as we kept dancing.

    “I’M GLAD YOU CAME, I’M GLAD YOU CAME!” we sang the last two lines and just burst out laughing

    “God im tired now!” Alice said nearly ripping over

    “Careful hun, too much to drink!” i laughed, we all had a tad too mcu i think.


    To be Continued…...................

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