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    months later…...........................



    Christmas had past and everything was going well for all of us. The boys were of to America for two weeks so Jay was upstairs packing for that whilst i was upstairs. I t was the middle of january and Nath and Alice had finally set a date fo the wedding which was the 5th April  and everyone was excited for that. Today after we had waved the boys of me, Meg, Alice, Emma and Ami were going shopping for bridesmaids dresses and hopefully Alice’s wedding dress.  Jay came wondering down the stairs draggin his  suitcase behind him.

    “Off on the travels again!” i frowned

    “Yeah, been all over the place recently babe, sorry!” Jay replied walking over to where i was sat on the sofa, he sat next to me.

    “It’s okay!” i smiled snuggling up next to him

    “Don’t miss me too much though babe!” Jay said kissing my forhead

    “Can’t promise that” i smiled.

    “You’ll be fine, i call you everyday and plue you got the girls and your going shopping later that’ll cheer you up!” Jay smiled as his phone started buzzing.

    “Hello” Jay said “Already, okay cheers Max be there i about 15 minutes bye” he finished

    “We gotta go!” Jay said standing up. We got into the van and drove round to where all the boys were meeting to go of to Heathrow airport.



    Saying goodbye to Max when he was of travelling to promote the band or singles and not being able to see him for ages killed me and i missed him so much.

    “Right missy i’ll see you soon!” Max said hugging me tightly

    “Yes i hope these 2 weeks go fast!” i replied hugging him back

    “Babe i’ll be back before you know it, promise” Max replied leaning down to kiss me

    “I know!” i smiled.

    “We gotta go boys!” Kev said

    “Guess this is goodbye Meg!” Max said as we shared a final hug

    “Ring me when you get there” i asked

    “Promise!” he replied as he climbed into the van and they pulled away as e and the girls stood there looking like idiots waving even when they were out of sight.


    MY POV

    So after saying goodbye to my future husband it was time to gte down to the bridal shop to find some bridesmaids dresses and a dress for me pefully.

    “Try this one girls” i called as we walked in.

    “Looks expensive in here!” Emma said laughing. We sat down

    “Right colours?” Ami asked

    “Blue not to dark but not too light!“ i eplied

    “Oh cause that narrows it down so much!” Josielaughed as we all looked at different dresses.

    “Oh my god this one is gorgeous!“ ishouted, everyone in the shop turned round. The girls walked over

    “I loive it, lets try it on!” Emma smiled, the girls all took there size and headed into the changing rooms while i looked for a wedding dress. None of the particulary caught my eye though.

    “What do you think?” Megan called as all of the girls walked out at the same time

    “There perfect you look beautiful!” i smiled

    “Ooh we do look nice!” Josie smiled. Right so we headed out the shop and we were gunna pick up the dresses in a few days as they needed soe adjustments. We walked into the only other bridal shop in town and as soon as i walked in i saw the perfect dress. It was strapless and was pretty long, it just caught my eye straight away. I immediatly went and tried it on.

    “You look amazing!” Emma said

    “Nath is gunna love it!” Josie replied

    “I love it to, i need this one, actually re-phrase that i will get this one!” i laughed.



    After spending pretty much all day in town wedding shopping i collapsed on my sofa, my legs were killing me. I really didn’t know what to do as Tom was normally here at this time of the day so either me or him would be cooking up some tea. I went into the kitchen to see what there was in the fridge i opened the door and found a plate with one of them covers over it and a note.

    “Since i made curry last night and there was some left over, i thought i’d save the rest for you so you didn’t have to cook tonight :) Hope your okay, love Parker xxx”. Aww bless him he does have a heart, i took it out and re-heated it, then sat on my lonesome at the table just enjoying the amazing curry Tom cooks. I wanted to text Tom but he was still on the plane and would be for about another 6 hours yet, guess i’ll have to text him in the morning i thought clearing away.

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