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    We only had 2 more days left in France which was today and tomorrow we were leaving at 7pm. Tonight was are last so we all thought it would be nice to go down the beach and set a campfire up and just sit there with everyone relaxing for the final night we had. The boys were playing pool while me and the girls were talking/sunbathing.

    “Oh my god we could roast marshmellows and stuff!“ Josie smiled

    “Yeah, Tom could bring his guitar down, we could have a sing song as well!” i suggested.

    “What about me and my guitar?” Tom shouted


    YEAH SOUNDS GOOD BABE!” Tom shouted back.

    “Can’t wait for tonight, it’s gunna be fun!” Meg said.

    YES 3 TIMES WOOOO, IN YOUR FACE PARKER!” Nath said running around

    CHEAT, YOU CHEATED!” Tom said

    “He never takes losing well” i laughed.

    “Well done Nath!” Alice shouted

    “Cheers babe!” he smiled running over to us and sitting next to Alice. They were like the sweetest couple ever and they’ll be an amazing husband and wife, i was literally so pleased for them and they both hadn’t stopped smiling about it.


    MY POV

    The sun was beginning to go down and we thought it would be a god time to head down to the beach. I put on some denim shorts and a vest top.

    “Nath, im taking your red zippy hoody as mines dirty!” i said

    “Okay!” he shouted. He didn’t mind me borrowing his hoodies plus i liked wearing them as they smelt of him. I put it on and Nathan walked in

    “You know what keep the hoodie, i have another one at home exactly the same, plus you wear it more than me!” he said smiling

    “Cheers babe!” i smiled hugging him. We all headed down to the beach, Tom bought his guitar, we bought some marshmellows and them long cocktail sticks and some matches as there was no way we were gunna lite a fire on are own. Me and the girls sat around while the boys went ot find some logs and stones to build the fire with.

    “Thanks for helping!” Max said walking past

    “Your welcome!” i laughed. A good 10 minutes later we helped the boys build up the fire

    “Right matches peeps” Tom said. Emma handded them to him.

    “WAIT!” Siva shouted, everyone looked round “Is Tom trusted?”, we all laughed

    “We hope!” Emma replied. The fire was lit and everyone cheered.

    We all sat round the fire on the sand, i lent against Nath as we all talked about the trip.

    “Well guys i have honestly enjoyed this holiday and it’s probably been one of the best holidays ever!” said Josie

    “I agree!” i smiled “One of the best 2 weeks ever”.



    We decided to roast some marshmellows and it got quite messy.

    “Josie chuck a marshmellow over please” Jay said so i chucked it at him and he caught it in his mouth.

    “Alright clever cloggs do it again!” i laughed chucking another one at him, he caught it again.

    “Good game Jay!” Max smiled and soon everyone joined in.

    “Guys there meant to be for roasting!” Emma said

    “This is more fun!” Jay replied. So after about 15 minutues of everyone failing at that, the packet or marshmellows were empty.

    “Guys who’s up for a sing song?” i asked smiling. Everyone cheered

    “Boys give us a tune!” Alice said

    “Lightning?” Tom suggested grabbing his guitar. The boys nodded and started singing. Me and the gilrs just sat there listening in silence and smiling at the boys realising how far they have really come.

    “WOOOOOO!” we all clapped “Another song!” i said. Jay put his arm around me

    “Alright, give us chance we’ve just finished!” he laughed kissing my forehead.

    “Heart Vacancy!” I smiled, that was one of my favourite the boys sang. So me and the girls joined in this time, we started swaying are arms as well, it was like are own mini concert.

    “God is that the time already?” Jay said

    “Shit it’s 10.30!” i said. “We better start getting back otherwise it’s gunna get too dark and we’re gunna get lost!”. Tom, Max, Nath and Alice went down to the ater to get a coupe of buckets to put the fire out.

    “Nath, Alice you coming?” i shouted as Jay helped me up

    “Be up in a minute!” Nath shouted.

    “Oh right, well see you in bit guys!” i shouted as the eight of us walked of back to the villa.



    Me and Alice walked down the beach talking, hand in hand.

    “When we get home we need to arrange an engagement party!” i smiled as we stopped

    “Yeah, i need to tell my mum about the proposal first as i can’t get any signal whats so ever over here!” Alice laughed

    “Haha, i need to tell my mother as well!” i smiled. We then layed on the beach for a while looking up at the stars

    “Actually can’t belive this has all happened “ Alice said

    “Haha so you don’t think were rushing into getting married?” i asked her

    “Not at all!” she smiled


    To be Continued…..................

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